Customer & Visitor Reviews & Feedback



"Dear Temehu, ?I am writing to give you feedback on the holiday you arranged recently for us in Libya. I am pleased to say that in all regards the arrangements you made exceeded our expectations. All the hotels you selected were comfortable, and our itinerary was busy and interesting without ever being rushed. I should perhaps make special mention of our guide Eder Tuweni, who regularly would go that extra distance to ensure we had an enjoyable holiday. And in turn, the guides that were selected to show us round the major sites were very knowledgeable and were able to answer clearly our questions. As a result we feel we have left Libya with a much greater understanding of its people, history?and culture. ? A quality tour agency like yours deserves to succeed and so I wish you a prosperous future. Kind regards, Adrian" (Australia, October 2010).




" Apologies for the late e-mail but I wanted to write to thank you and Masoud for organising such a wonderful trip to Libya for me and Sophie. We both had a fantastic time and Masoud, Idris and Tarek were all excellent guides who could not have been more friendly and helpful. In addition, the organisation was perfect and we had no trouble with paperwork etc. Thank you again. Charlie, UK."




"My girlfriend and I spent 2 weeks in Libya in early October. We had a fantastic time: excellent sights, not touristy and not hassled at all. We used Temehu as the tour operator and I really recommend them. We planned an itinerary and they made suggestions to improve the trip - and they were right . . We spent a lot of time unchaperoned and doing our own thing when in towns and at the beach: the guide/escort requirement isn't as restrictive/ intrusive as it sounds. Visa arrived 3 days before travel - as promised. We paid upfront upon arrival for the whole trip. Isabella, UK"




"Dear Issa . . . I thank you very much for all, your company, your sightseeing tour through Tripoli and everything you?ve done for me. Very kind . . . I enjoyed Libya very much. It was a great journey, but a little bit to short. I wish you the best for your travel agency. kind regards, Anke. Germany."




" Here I am at last writing to thank you for organising my recent trip to Libya. I got back from my travels on the 9th and then immediately went down to Somerset to see my aging father for a few days. So............thank you very much. The trip was wonderful. In the end the visits to the Embassy here were fairly straightforward, I got my passport back just in time, and Masoud met me at the airport even before I got to the passport control desk. He was an excellent guide/escort, really well organised and thoughtful.
Elaine, UK."




" Thank you for your e-mail of the 9th . . . Now that Ness and I are safely back in the UK I felt I had to write?simply because we have been SO IMPRESSED?by literally everything about your company from beginning to end. As you know we were given your website by one of your previous clients whom we met at Lake Turkana, Kenya . . . Your website is incredibly informative, easy to navigate and read, interesting, useful and honest.?To actually have a list of everyday food items, fuel etc and their prices is pure heaven after a month spent in Egypt watching the roving eyes of vendors making up a "tourist price" , wondering what they can get away with, every time you try and buy something . . . I cannot praise the guide/escort you arranged for us enough - Masoud.?He was absolutely brilliant. From the first moment he met us he?listened to what we actually wanted to do and worked so hard to facilitate things for us. By this stage of the trip?our motorcycle was suffering and we said that we didn't want to push it and so needed to ride at no more than 100kph - Masoud complied for the whole?2000 kms. . . . Masoud was happy to listen to?what?we actually wanted and found us excellent hostels/hotels and the like in the price range that we wanted to pay.?Overlanding?and riding a motorcycle is all about free spirit, and so people like?us?will always dread the imposition of a guide?(so far we have only ever been forced to have one in Algeria and Libya), but Masoud could not have been more helpful, pleasant and efficient without being intrusive . . . It was only a snapshot glimpse of the northern corridor but all the same we found it a fascinating country to visit with charming people, amazing ruins, unbelievably cheap fuel and a litter problem which beggared belief. Thank you again for making our ride through the country possible and for providing such an excellent service in every respect. I wish Temehu every success in the future, it certainly deserves it. It's also nice to hear of someone else on the planet who just might have as many Pink Floyd albums as I have!
All the best.
Pat & Ness, UK."




"Just back from Libya. It's a pity that I was there only for about 9 days in mid-June, but it's great!! a wonderful city with so many varieties which worths staying longer! I understand that most of independent travellers may feel headache about finding a good tour operator, especially for solo traveller. I would highly recommend mine, Temehu, a decided tour company who is so flexible to suit your needs and budget, plus their repsonses to your enquiries are SUPER quick! and useful!!! You can try e-mail [them] and you will know what I mean! Also, go visit their website https://www.temehu.com , with informative website I can hardly find about Libya. . . Ho, China"




"Yes I can recommend Temehu. They got me the magic number to take to the embassy in London. To get the number took Temehu about 2 weeks from the time I agreed an itinerary. I had also had to abort a previous visit (at the Egypt-Libya border) because I was let down by another company . . . Temehu seem to be very honest and willing to tailor your trip to what you want. If anyone wants to hear more about my trip in July 09, ask me. Galloway, UK."




"Such a quick response and such a detailed email can not be taken for granted. I had actually thoroughly studied your agency's site (very informative, thank you) . . . . Thank you again, best regards Lukas. Belgium."




"I am deeply impressed by the large and intense information you are providing on your website.  Congratulations!? . . . Thank you so much for your excellent work. Best regards, Katharina, Switzerland."

"Hello, First off I would like to congratulate you on your website - an oasis in the desert of limited information on Libya and it's visa requirements. Truly outstanding - thank you. . . ."




"We arrived safely back in Tunisia last night so we wanted to thank you and your company for all the help you have been . . . We got ourselves into an awkward situation and it was only due to Temehu that it was not much worse. Thank you again, Matthew. Canada."




"I am recently back from our trip to Libya with my family organised by Temehu. I need to say that it was an amazing trip, where we went to fantastic places and met some of the friendliest people that i've very met and indeed experienced part of a wedding in Ghadames. but in particular the driver Vaisel and our escort Phasy (apologies for the spelling) were absolutely brilliant. They will be our over-riding memory from Libya as they went out of their way to do whatever they could for us. They sought out the best places and treated us like part of the family. Unfortunately we didnt have time to say a proper goodbye at the airport. We would have loved to have been able to repay them in some manner but were unable to. Could you please pass on our heartfelt thanks for everything they did to make the week one of the most memorable of our lives. It was a present for my parents' birthdays and they absolutely loved it and it one they said that they will never forget. Once again, many thanks and regards Gordon & family."