Edhan (Idhan) Murzuq


Idhan Murzuq or Edhan Murzuq (with the second name also written as Murzuk) is one of the most beautiful desert sites in the world. Massive and complex sand dune formations, best appreciated from above, as shown in the following photograph.

edhan murzuq sand dunes from the sky view

A view from the sky of Libya’s Marzuq Sand Sea (centred at 24.5 degrees north, 12 degrees east).

The above NASA's astronaut photo of Edhan Murzuq, from
(earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=36675), was taken from low earth orbit. The photo beautifully illustrates the classic large and small sand masses of the central Sahara. The above sand masses (locally known as Draa) are shaped by wind separated by smooth-floored, almost sand-free basins. Geologists distinguish three types of sand dunes: longitudinal dunes; transverse dunes (curved); and star dunes (with several arms converging towards a single peak).

edhan murzuq sand falling shapes

The Murzuq Desert is known by various names including Idehan Murzuq, Idhan Murzuq Sand Dunes, Edehan Murzuk, Mourzaq, Murzuk, Muzreg, or Murzak. The sand sea is a massive an erg desert located in Fezzan, South-Western Libya, east of the Acacus mountain range and south of Wadi Metkhendoush. The sea is a popular destination for desert adventure 4x4 drivers.

edhan murzuq

edhan murzuq

edhan murzuq

Free camping for the night among the sand dunes

edhan murzuq sand dunes


edhan murzuk


camping between edhan murzuq sand dunes


edhan murzuq sand dune curves


strange sand dune formations


sunset among the sand dunes

sun behine the sand dunes