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Our Libyan travel guides will complete all airport & border formalities for you, introduce you to Libyan hospitality, arrange for you to meet the Berbers and the Tuareg of the Sahara, and do their best to make your holiday a memorable experience you would cherish for years to come. Our services include tourist Libya visa on arrival, the finest small group tours to any destination in Libya, private and tailored tours to suit all needs, affordable family and package holidays, adventure discoveries, Acacus expeditions, camel safaris, desert trekking itineraries, and luxury vacations by some of Libya's best beaches of Zuwarah and Farwah. Our programs were carefully constructed to cover the best archaeological, cultural and historical sites in Libya; but if you cannot locate what you are looking for from the following list, we kindly invite you to customise your own holiday by emailing us your precise request and we will promise you the rest.



Archaeological Tours


Greek Cyrenaica


Itinerary Code: CT29
Duration: from 5 Days

Price: from €620

An introductory tour to Libya's Green Mountain and the ancient Greek and Roman archaeological sites of Cyrene, Apollonia, the Acropolis, the temples of Zeus and Apollo, and the Basilicas.

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Roman Tripolitania


Itinerary Code: RT29
Duration: 4 Days

Price: from €365

A discovery tour of Tripolitania, including Tripoli's museum, Sabratha's impressive Roman buildings, and Leptis Magna's spectacular architecture. Be among the first to explore the unspoiled ancient sites.

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A Taste of Libya


Itinerary Code: TL29
Duration: 9 Days

This itinerary combines the best tourist destinations in Libya, including the capital Tripoli, Sabratha, Leptis Magna, Cyrene, Qasr Libya and Qasr Alhaj. This tour is one of the most popular tours in Libya.

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Archaeological Tour


Itinerary Code: AT29
Duration: 12 Days

In this archaeological tour you will explore the Roman architectural wonders of North Africa; the Greek remains of Cyrenaica; and the Berber fortified granaries of Jabel Nafusa.

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Family Vacation


Itinerary Code: FLV29
Duration: 7 - 10 Days

A memorable family adventure holiday to explore the Phoenician, Roman and Berber sites. Starting at Tripoli, you will visit the museum, the old medina, Yefren, Qasr Alhaj and Nalut, before heading for Ghadames at the edge of the Sahara. Includes a trip to Sabratha and a day by Zuwarah's beach.

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Ancient Berber


Itinerary Code: AB29
Duration: from 9 Days

This tour will introduce the ancient Berber sites of Nafousa Mountain, including Yefren, Qasr Alhaj, Kabaw, Nalut, and Ghadames; then return towards troglodyte Gharyan for the night. On the following morning you will visit Leptis Magna, and then back to Tripoli for the return flight.

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Beach Holidays


Farwah Weekend


Itinerary Code: FT29
Duration: from 3 Days

Memorable two nights camping on the island of Farwah: swimming during the day and enjoying the dazzling display of stars over a palm-wood fire at night. Being free from mass tourism this is an ideal paradise to enjoy the Mediterranean sea, sun and sand in private.

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Zuwarah Beach


Itinerary Code: LBH29
Duration:from 7 Days

Libya is the home of some of the best unspoiled beaches in the whole of the Mediterranean basin; especially along the coast of Zuwarah. Pure golden sand, turquoise water and clear sunshine. Includes trips to Tripoli, Sabratha and Leptis Magna.

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Adventure & Sahara Desert Tours


Fezzan Adventure


Itinerary Code: FA29
Duration: from 9 Days

Introductory tours to Tripoli, Leptis Magna and the Libyan Sahara. Starting at Tripoli, you will fly to Sabha, then continue to Ubari lakes. This is for adventurous travellers and requires camping. Using desert vehicles you will explore the prehistoric paintings & engravings of Acacus.

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Sahara Adventure


Itinerary Code: SAT29
Duration: from 9 Days

This Sahara adventure is especially designed for travellers who would like to explore the desert using 4x4. Starting from Sabha, you will visit the Ubari lakes, Germa, Ghat, Acacus, Wan Casa, Wadi Metkhandoush, and Tkerkiba, before flying back to Tripoli from Sabha.

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Self-Drive 4x4


Itinerary Code: SD4x4
Duration: tailored

This self-drive 4WD tour is for adventure drivers and travellers, desert bikers, rally organisers, and offroad 4x4 & quad drivers. Using off-road cars you can cross the Hamada, the sand dunes of Idhan Murzuq, Ubari Sand Sea, the valleys of Acacus, and Waw An Namus, Tazerbu and Kufra.

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Camel Desert Safari


Itinerary Code: CST29
Duration: 12-15 Days

Explore the Sahara and contemplate the silence of the mysterious desert in peace. Trekking across the sand dunes on the back of a camel is a unique experience desert lovers and adventure travellers would cherish for life. On the first day of the safari tour you will get to know your camel.

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Special & Personalised Tours


Painting Holiday


Itinerary Code: PH29
Duration: from 7 Days

Libya has so many breathtaking scenes that are ideal for painters to transform into unique works of art. The above picture shows the interior of a Tuareg house from Ghadames. We can arrange for you to stay in one of these houses and start creating your own master piece. You can also paint Berber troglodyte caves, lakes and the Sahara.

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World War II Remembrance


Itinerary Code: WW229
Duration: from 7 Days

Libya was the theater of some of the most fearsome battles of World War Two in North Africa, the most famous of which is the Battle of Tobruk (Tobruq). Well looked-after cemeteries of European and allied soldiers, WWII vintage barbed wire, and old trenches continue to receive a rising number of tourists and visitors from Europe and Australia.

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Itinerary Code: CTTL29
Duration: from 30 Days

This is for cyclists cycling along the coast from Egypt to Tunisia or vice versa. To reduce costs you can join other cyclists in a small group. Our guide will be driving ahead of you, allowing you the freedom to make your cycling tour a private adventure.

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Itinerary Code: TKT29
Duration: from 10 Days

An exhilarating trekking experience across the Ubari sand dunes, and along the superb rock formations and alien-like canyons of Acacus. Accompanied by a local Tuareg desert expert you will explore some of the rock art of Acacus and Wadi Matkhendouch.

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Paranormal Holiday


Itinerary Code: PH13
Duration: 13 Days

Although Libya has a number of unusual places that mystified the minds of locals and travellers, it failed to appear in Lonely Planet's list of paranormal travel sites, which included Area 51, Bermuda Triangle and the Pyramids. This tour includes visits to the haunted Mountain of Ghosts, the Slontah Grotto, and the Big Hole of Cyrene.

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Coastal Crossing


Itinerary Code: LCCT29
Duration: from 5 Days

This popular coastal tour is suitable for drivers who want to cross Libya from border to border (from the Egyptian border to the Tunisian border or vice versa), allowing stops at any of the coastal archaeological sites, like Sabratha, Tripoli, Leptis Magna, Cyrene, Apollonia, and world war two sites and cemeteries in Tobruk.

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