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Libyan Visa Prices


How much does tourist visa cost?

Publishing our prices may break away from the Libyan tradition, but nonetheless it is the right step towards building our visa centre. Unlike most operators or Libyan embassies, which charge the same amount for each visa regardless of the number of visitors, Temehu's visa prices depend on the number of visas required, as shown in the following tables.

Number of tourist visas Cost in £ (BP) *
One visa   85
Two visas   65
Three visas   50

*  The current values shown in the above table are based on the Libyan Dinar,
and may change with time in accordance with the fluctuation in exchange rates.



How much does business visa cost?

Local companies and visa service providers now charge between 350 and 950 Libyan Dinars for processing one business visa, depending on type. In addition to this, there is a fee of 100 Libyan Dinars to be paid to the airport authorities on arrival for the actual visa stamp (applies only to one-month business visa).

Type of business visa: Cost in £ (BP) Cost in $ (USD)
One single-entry business visa  £195  $300
One 3-months multiple-entry business visa   £305  $475
One 6-months multiple-entry business visa  £380  $590



How much does transit visa cost?

The price of transit visa at the Libyan-Egyptian border depends on the number of visas required. The individual cost drops considerably for groups of travellers arriving together. No guide is required. The price includes the high cost of the guide's travel to the Egyptian border to process the actual visa on arrival. The guide is not required for the journey, but he must be present at the border to issue you with the visa stamp, which explains why the cost of our visa on arrival at Tripoli airport or the Tunisian border is much cheaper.

Number of transit visas Cost in £ (BP) *
One visa   195
Two visas   100
Three visas***   85

Arriving from Egypt

Number of transit visas Cost in £ (BP) *
One visa  85
Two visas  65
Three visas***  50

Arriving from Tunisia