Gharyan mountains

Gharyan is located in Nafousa Mountain, about 100 km south of the capital Tripoli, and just before Yefren. Its famous troglodyte caves are a major attraction for tourists. The root "Ghar", in the name Gharyan, means "cave".   The caves were dug vertically down into the rocky ground.


Gharyan Troglodyte cave

A troglodyte cave with several rooms opening into an open courtyard.

Gharyan troglodyte hotel

One house is accessed by descending down a tunneled passageway leading to a large circular pit. Caves dug in the rocks act as rooms which surround the communal pit.

Gharyan iterior traditional decoration

Traditional interior decorations.


Gharyan troglodyte cave

The entrance to a troglodyte cave.



house door from gharyan