Libyan Business Visa

libyan business visa
A photo of a Libyan business visa.

Business Visa or "mission visa" is required for visitors who intend to visit Libya for doing business. In addition to tourist and transit visas we are also authorised to provide business services for those wishing to invest in the tourism sector and in tourism-related projects. Business visas are usually granted without any issues, but there are occasions where some applications are refused by the Immigration Department. Not all nationalities are approved. Paid fees are refundable if the visa application was not approved.


Business Visa Types

There are two types of business visa:

  1. Single-entry visa: the actual visa itself, if obtained from the embassy, is valid for 45 days from the date of issue.  However, the business visa approval used to obtain the stamp on arrival is valid only for 30 days. In both cases the visa allows the holder to stay one month in Libya.

  2. Multiple-entry visa: there are two types of multiple visa: one is valid for 3 months, and the other for 6 months. Both types allow the holder to enter and exit Libya as many times as desired within the specified validity period.



Single-Entry Business Visa Requirements (if applying via a Libyan company):

  • Scanned copy of your passport's bio data page (the page with your photo).
  • Your profession.
  • Estimated date of arrival.
  • Payment.



Multiple-Entry Business Visa Requirements

Stage 1:

  • Scanned copy of your passport's bio data page (the page with your photo).
  • Copy of your "Residence Permit" (if you are not a national of the country in which you reside).
  • Your Profession.
  • Estimated date of arrival.
  • Payment.

These documents will be used to secure the approval from the Immigration Department in Tripoli.

Stage 2:

  • The immigration will telex the visa approval number to the embassy (in your country or country of residence).
  • You need to visit the embassy to obtain the actual visa stamp. This type of visa cannot be obtained on arrival.
  • Some embassies may ask for the following documents:
    • 2 photos
    • Bank statement
    • Visa-stamp fee
    • Travel insurance.
  • Please note that the final decision rests with the embassy. Sometimes the embassy may grant you only a one-month visa or a 3-month visa despite securing the approval for 6-months visa from the immigration in Tripoli.


business visa approval

A copy of business visa approval.



Business Visa Procedure

  • Single-entry visa:  once the visa approval is secured from the Immigration Department in Tripoli, the approval will be used to obtain the visa on arrival at the airport. No contact with the embassy is needed, unless required. The process can be completed in one week, but it may take longer, depending on 'nationality' and local circumstances.

  • You will be sent a copy of the approval as a proof of visa, which you will need to print and keep with you before boarding your plane.

  • Multiple-entry visa cannot be obtained on arrival. Instead, the authorisation number or the approval will be sent to the embassy of your choice to secure the visa from the embassy, where you will also need to provide the above required documents.

  • The visa approval must be used within one month of issue, and if the stamp is obtained on arrival then a fee of 100 Libyan dinars needs to be paid to the immigration authority at the airport (only applies to one-month business visa). The fee for 6-month visa is paid to the embassy.

  • Single-entry visa cannot be extended to 3- or 6-months visa once in Libya, nor the latter can be obtained once in Libya. Exit from the country is required before securing a second entry visa. However, one-month visa can be extended by only one month while still in Libya.

  • The multiple visa usually takes around two weeks to process, but sometimes the approval or the visa number takes longer to be faxed to the appropriate embassy. This requires the need to apply well in advance to allow for unexpected delays.