Terms & Conditions


1 - Agreeing to our Terms & Conditions: by completing and submitting the booking form you are agreeing  to our terms & conditions. In addition to links placed in most of our web-pages an active link to these terms & conditions is clearly placed by the booking button in the booking form. These terms may be updated from time to time in our sole discretion and the new changes will be posted immediately after they have been made. In groups of two or more the "lead name"  provided guarantees that s/he has the authority to accept and does accept on behalf of the party the terms of these booking conditions.

2 - Using the services: in order to use the services provided by Temehu.com you must agree to the Terms. You are required to read this page. By submitting copies of your passport(s) you are in effect agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. You can also accept the Terms either by writing to us or by using any of the services we provide. You agree that once you are inside Libya you will not engage in any activity that is against Libyan law or interferes with or disrupts the services provided.

3 - Age: you may not accept the terms if you are under the age of 18 years and if you are barred from receiving the services under Libyan laws. In groups which include children or/and clients under the age of 18, full responsibility is assumed by the adult who initiated the booking of the tour or by the tour-leader or by one of the parents or by the guardian who must be present with the group at all times during the tour from arrival to departure.

4 - Accuracy: all information found in our printed materials, emails to you, and our website is believed by us to be correct at the time of printing or publication. However, errors can occur and information, regulations and governments do change with time and take effect without any prior notice and therefore Temehu.com is providing the information on the basis of "as is". Temehu.com shall not be held responsible for the content of external websites linked to from Temehu.com.

5 - Price Guarantee: prices do change from time to time, and therefore prices quoted in the past may differ from current prices. Always check the latest prices by contacting us via the same email used during earlier enquiries. Before you make a booking we will provide you with the correct price to cover your chosen itinerary. However, we guarantee you that the price of your holiday or tour  will not change after you confirm your tour with us.

6 - Libyan Visa Law: Temehu Tourism Services will not accept any responsibility for visa or entry rejection at the Libyan border or at any Libyan airport due to incorrect passport copies or inaccurate information supplied during the visa process, or due to any unforeseeable governmental circumstances. As long as the documents you supply are as accurate as the originals then usually there is nothing to worry about. Any changes in visa law will be reported in our website (see our News webpage). The Client accepts all responsibility for providing accurate personal information and details required for the visa application form.

7 - Alterations: Temehu Tourism Services reserves the right to make any reasonable changes to the services and itineraries it provides as it sees fit at any time, in accordance with changes in circumstances and visa regulations. Some tours or destinations may not remain available if unexpected changes in Libyan law take place, and delays of scheduled itineraries are expected if internal flights are cancelled if internal flights are part of the itinerary.

8 - Personal Property: clients' personal property, including valuable items, money, keys, luggage and everything else belonging to the client is the sole responsibility of the client. Please do not leave valuable items in hotel rooms when they are not attended by you or someone you know, and do not leave such items on the dashboard or car seats when the car is unattended. Keep these items with you. It is better to be safe than sorry.

9 - Prices - prices charged do not include: international air fares and airport taxes (if any); immunisations; travel insurance; medical costs (if any); personal costs; and anything else not specified in the services list provided with the total cost agreed on before hand. The price agreed on during negotiations is the price to pay. Hotel single supplements are available on request at an extra charge. Please specify this option during booking or enquiry.

10 - Hotels: Temehu Tourism Services will endeavour to select the best and most comfortable hotels available in Libya within the category specified by you. But owing to the current infrastructure of the country, especially after the war, hotel management can not be guaranteed to be to the level of western standards. Your understanding however will be appreciated regarding this matter, and if any problems arises with hotel owners please let your guide handle the situation. If a reserved hotel becomes full or unavailable then a substitute of the same class will be found. Booking a hotel room always means the room will become available only after 12:00 noon, and therefore if you arrive in the morning you will not have access to your room before noon.

11 - Program Restrictions: I have read and understand the legal conditions attached to the program and that deviation from the planned route is not permitted by the Libyan authority. Temehu Tourism Services will make every effort to tailor the program before hand and therefore if you have any special requests or certain destinations, please specify them in advance in your enquiry.

12 - Risk Taking: clients shall acknowledge the nature of   travel in the Sahara and mountains and understand that adventure travel in Libya, particularly in the desert, involves being exposed to high temperatures, scorpions, snakes, lack of immediate nearby medical services, and other natural risks usually taken by adventure travellers. Clients shall also assume full responsibility for any resulting damage, injury or death. If you are in doubt of any of these issues, please consult your insurance provider regarding these matters.

13- Liability: Temehu.com and Temehu Tourism Services and their sub-contractors and their agents and employees shall not be held liable and shall not be held responsible for any damage, injury, inconvenience, or death. By taking part in any of our tours (including our desert adventure tours) you agree that you will not file any compensation claim against us and that you agree that the maximum amount we will pay  (if we are ordered to pay) will be no more than the cost of your tour. Temehu Tourism Services shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or injury caused by or resulted from the negligence of suppliers or sub-contractors. For example, sometimes we do use the services of other companies, like booking rooms from the major hotels in big cities and the smaller hotels in towns and villages; desert vehicles & desert experts for desert tours; coaches and buses from Libyan transport companies and hire agencies; visa offices; and catering companies.

14 - War: safety in Libya has become a major issue after the UN's bombing of Libya without an exit strategy, and therefore military operations are still going on in some parts of the country, and may even become a permanent feature for decades to come. Terrorist or militia attacks can neither be predicted nor excluded. It is no longer safe to travel anywhere in Libya. Entering Libya at such times is therefore your own decision and at your own risk. Accepting our services automatically means you are aware of these risks and accept all possible resulting consequences including possible death. We strongly advise against all travel including essential travel to Libya. Please check our contact us page to see if our services still are suspended.

15 - Travel & Medical Insurance: it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your insurance cover is suitable and adequate for your particular needs. You are strongly advised to insure yourself against any possible risk and to ensure that you have sufficient insurance in respect of dependent relatives. It is also your sole responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of valid travel insurance for the entire duration of the tour, and to make sure that your insurance policy covers personal accidents, medical expenses, cancellation, loss, repatriation costs, and all other associated expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay, inconvenience, or death; and to make sure that there are no exclusion clauses which might limit the cover for the type of activities included in your tour, the regions visited, and the altitudes attained in your tour. Some insurance policies exclude certain countries or some regions of some countries and certain types of activities and adventures.

16 - Medical Requirements: by agreeing to the terms and booking your tour you agree that you and all named persons in your group (if any) are fit to travel. Known conditions in medical history that have any chance of impacting on the tour must be reported to us. The company then has the right to decline any application for visa that it sees it cannot accommodate in relation to these reported medical condition(s).

17- Cancellation: Temehu Tourism Services reserves the full right to cancel any advertised or agreed tour if the legal requirement changes; otherwise we will honour our promise. Sometimes Libyan law re-introduces the minimum number of participants required in order to obtain Libyan visa, or certain countries may become unavailable for political reasons. In such circumstances we have no option but to inform affected individuals and parties and assure them that a 100% refund will be available without any further questions for those who paid in advance.

18 - Conduct: we operate on the basis of mutual respect, where abusive language, behaviour or action should be avoided at all times. If misunderstanding arises between you and your guide, hotel owner, or a member of the public, then we strongly recommend using common sense to resolve the issue. If the problem has already occurred then anger will only fuel the situation, and people will look up to you and respect you more if you take matters responsibly. Please make sure you report the issue to the office via telephone or email as soon as you can, as we do not approve of nor tolerate any unacceptable behaviour from our guides. Firm action will be taken against all guides who fail to abide by our basic codes of conduct. This means that your feedback regarding your guide and your stay in Libya is very important to us, and if you do not tell us about your experience, no one else will.

19 - Criminal Damage: if the conduct of a client at any time between the start and end of the tour becomes a danger to any of the other clients in the group or to any member of our staff, then that client may well be excluded from the group without any further notice. The safety of the group is very important to us and to all the members of the group. If the client decides to go a step further and cause physical damage to property or other persons, then he or she will be responsible for the full costs or charges incurred. We shall not take any responsibility for the actions of our clients under any circumstances.

20 - Indemnification: to protect ourselves against misuse, you agree to indemnify and hold Temehu.com and Temehu Tourism Services and its service suppliers and their respective employees harmless from and against any and all liability, losses, claims, and demands suffered in connection with our services or any content which you may use through our web site.

21 - Other Limitation of Liability: using the internet is not 100% safe and does have its dangers. Temehu.com aims to provide an informative and safe website and to ensure a reliable service. However we cannot take responsibility for any breach of security of www.temehu.com for any damage, loss or corruption of any user information or material, computer viruses and other malicious software programs that may infect your computer equipment or other property when you access our website from insecure locations, like public internet stations. As a result we will not be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential or economic loss or damages in connection with the use of our websites. It is your responsibility to use safe and secure access points and make sure your system is properly fire-walled, up to date, and secured.

22 -  Changes to the Terms: Temehu.com and Temehu Tourism Services may make changes to these Terms & Conditions from time to time, and that when these changes are made they will be made available here.

23 - How To Use Our Content:

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25 - "UN Bombing Campaign": the phrase "UN bombing campaign" is hereby used to refer to the UN-authorised bombing campaign of Libya. The critics of the bombing campaign who blame other Western powers are mistaken in that such powers could not have went ahead with their campaign without authorisation from the UN. It is like blaming the soldier for an act of war that was ordered by the president.

26- Downloads: all downloads provided by Temehu.com are scanned and found to be 100% free from any maleware. All downloads are here provided "as is", without any kind of warranty, express or implied. In no event shall Temehu.com and Temehu Tourism Services be liable for any claim, damages or other liability arising from, out of or in connection with the downloaded files or the use or other dealings in the files.

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28 - HTTPS: all content in our website is now served via HTTPS, which means your browsing and use of our website is secure at all times. Enjoy safe browsing at Temehu.com and thank you for your visit.