Tin Newen


tin anewen sign board

(Tin Anewen / Tin n Aewen)
Tina Newen Roc Art Site, Acacus, Fezzan.
UNESCO-protected site.



animals and palm trees


The Tin Newen paintings are very similar to Wan Amil drawings, in that they are rich in social scenes and activities; but with the addition of tifinagh: the name given to the Berber (or Tamazight) writing script, which is also known as the Libyan Alphabet, from its use in ancient Lybico-Berber inscriptions.


animals and images of humans




a palm tree and letters from the Berber script



social activities, figures of humans chatting sitting in a circle

A busy composition showing various scence from everyday life, including a circle of people in the middle, appearing to be chatting, while others holding their bows and arrows.




A line of camels, symbols, and letters from the Berber alphabet Tifinagh,
which is still used today by the Sahara's Tuareg confederacies.