Wadi Tin Lebbo

Tan Loubbou

Tin Lebbo Arch, Tashwinat; also known as Tan Loubbou or In Allabu (in some maps).


Wadi Tin Lebbo (In Allabu), near Wadi Tashwinat, is the home of some wonderful cave paintings. Very expressive forms, beautiful colours including red, white and black, elegant human figures, and dotted giraffes. Very modern in style and advanced compositions.


tin lebbo magician dancing

A shaman or a magician or a hunter performing some sort of a ritual or a dance or just chasing an animal.


tin lebbo two giraffes

Two white giraffes dotted with red, Tin Lebbo.

tin lebbo animal scene

tin lebbo a woman with a horse, in white

A woman and a horse: powerful relationship.



tin lebbo a complete scene, giraffes, bull, woman with ahorse and the magician

Life as it was in Tan Lebbo: a woman & a horse, and various animals including two white giraffes.

This painting appears to include two (or more) styles, showing different degrees of skills. It could well mean that the painting was the work of different generations, in that each generation contributed to the composition without affecting the overall look of the painting. Or by different artists from the same generation or period.


tin lebbo rock arch: a view of the rock

Tin Lebbo Rock Arch

Tin Lebbo in Acacus

Tin Lebbo

Tin Lebbo Acacus