Libyan Transit Visa



The visa is granted for transiting or crossing Libya from border to border along the coast. When available, this kind of visa does not require a "guide", unless specifically requested. Usually it takes around 5 working-days to process the visa, but to guarantee arrival on the specified date it is best if you send your documents 10 days before arrival.

Transit visa cannot be used for tourism purposes, in the same way one is not allowed to work in the country without a work visa; but from experience we can confirm that transit travellers can stop at any point along the coast including archaeological sites, and can camp wherever there are suitable and safe places for camping.

Since the tour guide or the escort is no longer required (since 2012), it is best to apply for tourist visa instead. The other difference is that transit visa allows less time in Libya than the tourist visa.


libyan visa approval 2012

Libyan Transit Visa Approval, January 2012.

The new approval looks very much like the approval for tourist visa, as shown in the above copy, issued by the "Executive Office For Internal Affairs And Local Authority", Immigration And Nationality Department Branch; 10/01/2012, to "Temehu Tourism Services" for the purpose of "Transit". The table lists the names of the visitors and the details of their passports' bio pages. Names and details of visitors are confidential.




To apply, please provide the following:

  1. A clear scanned copy of your passport's bio data page (the page with your photo).
  2. Your profession.
  3. Estimated dates of arrival and departure.




Please make sure your passport meets the following legal requirements:

  1. The passport must be valid for at least six months when you leave Libya.
  2. The passport does not have an Israeli stamp.
  3. The passport must contain at least two blank pages.




Transit visa approval is usually valid for 30 days beginning from the date of issue, and therefore it is Okay if you get delayed a few days or more along the way, since you can enter at any day within this month. But the duration of stay in Libya is only two weeks (14 days), starting from the date of entry.


Transit visa from the embassy

Unlike what many visitors had wrote about the old visa law (of the ousted government), the guide was never required for transit visas issued by the old Libyan embassies; and the confusion seems to relate to the fact that Libyan operators then were not allowed to issue transit visas, and so travellers who sought visas from Libyan companies were granted tourist visas instead (which then required the guide). Libyan embassies under the new government still issue transit visas without the need for the guide.