Libyan Stamps

international childrn's day

International Children Day 1968 Postal Stamp


History of Postal Stamps in Libya

By the nature of the profession the early Libyan post offices were built near foreign consulates and companies at the major seaports, where people are most likely to use the service. These offices continued to operate until the Italians established their first post office to guarantee contact between the various colonies. Among the early overprints found on Italian stamps are "Tripoli di Barbaria" and "Libia", and after the independence of 1951 "The United Kingdom of Libya", "The Kingdom of Libya", and "Libya". Some of these stamps are included in this page for historical reasons and are no longer effective. Then after September 1969 the overprint "The Libyan Arab Jamhuriyah" appeared at the top of the stamp; followed by "The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya", then by "The Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya". The Libyan GPTC (General Posts and Telecommunications Company) was established in 1984 to operate and maintain the Libyan postal system, the internal wire and wireless telecommunication systems, and the international communication system.



libyan stamp shown the slogan: freedom, socialism & unity

Goddess Libya (Sibyl) Stamp.

The prophesy of Libyan Sibyl was simple:
"coming of the day when that which is hidden
shall be revealed

More info about Sibyl

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Oil & Gas Stamps

The following is a postal stamp commemorating the inauguration of the first petrol pipe line in libya, dated to the 25th of October 1961. The first line that kept wealth pumping into the heart of the Libyan economy. The two round pipes show the oil well at Zelten and the sea port of Marsa Brega.


Zuetina oil terminal

Zueitina Oil Terminal Postal Stamp.

Kingdom-flag-coloured oil flowing from Libya; on one hand growing as trees nurturing the economy, and on the other pumped to feed the world. In between the Nomad Tuareg lead their camels across the Sahara's sands, as usual; all for 60 pence!





The Libyan Boy Scouts Stamps

libyan scouts 1962 envelope with stamps

An envelope with postal stamps commemorating the Third Philia  For The Mediterranean Boy Scouts, held in Juddaiem between the 13th and the 20th of July 1962. The actual envelop stamp shows that the letter was sent on the opening day, the 13th.

the reverse of the libyan scouts 1962 envelope

Libyan Boy Scouts' Website

libyan scouts 1962 Third Philia
Three stamps commemorating the Third Philia of 1962.


boy scouts libyan stamp

The 7th Arab Boy Scouts Camp,
12th of August 1966, Juddaiem.



collection of Libyan stamps
A collection of Libyan stamps from 1960s and 1970s.



10th anniversary of Libya's independence
Libya's 10th anniversary Independence: 24 December 1961.


Trajan Arch in Leptis Magna
The Arch of Trajan in Berber Leptis Magna


screenshot of the Libyan GPTC
Libyan Folklore Stamps

libya archaeology stamp

archaeology stamp: save the Nubian antiquities
Unesco's Save The Nubian Antiquities Postal Stamp.


flowers stamp


cyrenaica stamp



The Burnt Algerian Library

algerian burning library stamp, 1965

A Libyan stamp commemorating the Algerian burnt library, 1965.

On the 7th of June 1962 the OAS set fire to the University of Algiers' library, destroying a total of 112500 books. In case you are wondering what sort of organisation is this OAS, it is a militant underground group opposed to the movement of the Algerian independence. As a result, the event triggered a series of commemorative postal stamps from various countries including Libya, where the event became a symbol of Algerian wars for freedom and independence. The Libyan stamp is remarkably similar to the stamp issued by Yemen in the same year.


libyan stamps from the 1960s


international meteorological day

The International Meteorological Day, 23rd March 1965.





maghreb satellite communications stamp


tripoli internation fourth fair

4th Tripoli International Fair:
28th of February to 20th of March 1965.



birds from libya

Libyan Birds.

birds from Libya





muhammad gaddafi issues a stamp commemorating the African summit

African-European Union Third Summit (29-30/11/2010)

The communication board issued a new stamp commemorating the African-European Union Third Summit in Libya. 



libyan stamps commemorating Berber shoes and boots

Libyan traditional leather shows & boots.



dinosaurs on Libyan stamps

Dinosaurs Libyan Stamps




world cooperation



The Scott Stamp Catalogue


The Scott catalogue of postage stamps lists all the stamps of the world. The catalogue began as a 21-page pamphlet of American and Foreign Postage Stamps, Issued from 1840 to date, and was published in September 1868 by the New York stamp dealer John Walter Scott. The catalogue contained both information as well as the prices of the stamps.

  • 1867 - first J.W. Scott & Co. Monthly Price List
  • 1868 - first bound and illustrated edition of the Descriptive Catalogue of American and Foreign Postage Stamps
  • 1888 - 46th Edition of the Scott catalogue assigns a number to each stamp listed.
  • As of 2006, and despite annual changes to save space, the catalog was more than 5,000 pages.


scott catalogue website screenshot



Libyan Goddess stamp
The Libyan Goddess Stamps.

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