International Exhibitions & Fairs


Temehu Tourism Services is authorised by the Tourism Board to organise fairs and international tourism and cultural exhibitions in Libya, as well as provide investment services for foreign companies intending to invest in the lucrative Libyan tourism market. Temehu Tourism can also provide complete visa services including visa on arrival, hotel booking, airport transfers and private transportation. Whether you are attending Tripoli International Fair or the International Building & Construction Exhibition, Temehu is your first stop to arrange all your needs.

Visa Services

Temehu Tourism Services can take care of the entire visa process without you having to visit any Libyan embassy. No application forms and no photos are required, just a scan of your passport's bio page, your profession and estimated dates of arrival and departure. Once we secure your visa approval from the immigration department in Tripoli, we will be able to issue you with visa on arrival at Tripoli airport. You will also be provided with a copy of your visa approval before arrival via email, since the visa approval is required by most airliners before boarding their planes. Both the airport authorities and your guide will have the original approval at Tripoli Airport to use for the actual visa stamp on arrival. Please see our Visa page for further details.

Translation Services

Temehu Tourism Services can also assist you with translating documents from Arabic to English or from English to Arabic, as well as can provide personal interpreters and guides for the duration of your stay.

Hotel Reservation

Temehu Tourism Services can arrange all your accommodation needs, using some of the best hotels in Tripoli. You can also specify the hotel of your choice and our team will reserve the necessary rooms required. No deposit is required once we process the visa for you, but some 4-star and all 5-star hotels require deposit payment be made in order to complete the booking.

Airport Transfers & Private Transport

Airport transfers come free with our visa service. We can also provide air-conditioned private transport with driver on request. The private transport will be available for you all day, to take you wherever you would like to go, including to Leptis Magna and Sabratha.

The Main Exhibitions in Libya

  • Libya Build 2010: 20-24 May 2012: hundreds of companies usually take part in this exhibition, which aims to rebuild Libya and speed its recovery from the effects of war. The event is held in Tripoli at Tripoli International Fairground, between the 20th and the 24th of May 2012. Libya Build exhibitions are an international success, with 632 international companies and nearly 17,000 visits had attended Libya Build 2010. It was reported that contracts worth hundreds of millions of US Dollars were signed during the show. The 1st International Libya Build exhibition was held on the 3rd of May 2004, in which 70 companies from 17 Countries took place.

  • The 8th International Building & Construction Exhibition: 20-24 May 2012.

  • Skyline Libya 2012: Architecture & Real Estate Exhibition.

  • Construct Libya 2012: the 3rd International Construction & Building Material Machinery Expo 2012.

  • The International Motor Show of Libya:  the International Motor Show of Libya (IMSOL) is organised by the Automobile and Touring Club of Libya, with the aim of enabling exhibitors to introduce their products to the growing Libyan market. The last exhibition was held at Maitiga Airport between the 25th and 31st of October 2009 (25-31/10/2009). The exhibition is generally open to a wide range of companies and not just car manufactures, including: bus, truck and motorcycle manufacturers (or their local agents); auto clubs and associations; car-parts manufacturers; diagnostic, workshop equipment and tools; security systems, road assistance and rescue equipment manufactures; telecommunication, navigation and tracking systems companies; recycling technologists; and alternative energy.