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المؤتمر الأول للسياحة في ليبيا

The 1st Conference for Tourism in Libya





The first tourism conference was held on Wednesday the 27th of September 2017, at Bab Albahar Hotel, Tripoli. The motto of the conference is: "Tourism . . . Reality & Challenges".  The tourism ministry employees, university and college students, restaurant and hotel owners, tourism companies, and all those interested in tourism were all invited to attend the conference: 

ندعوا كل الموظفين وأعضاء هيئة التدريس وخريجي وطلبة كليات واقسام السياحة والمختصين والمهتمين واصحاب الفنادق والشركات السياحية والمطاعم لحضور جلسات المؤتمر الأول للسياحة في ليبيا.




The 1st Conference for Tourism in Libya
09:30 AM
Hotel Bab Albaher

المؤتمر الأول للسياحة في ليبيا
يوم الأربعاء
فندق باب البحر


The Program

The main proposals and papers presented at the conference:


First Session: Research Papers (from 10:25 AM to 11:40 AM):

  1. The reality of "internal tourism" in Libya (: tourism for Libyans inside Libya) and its economic and social role.
  2. Sites of cultural heritage in Libya: reality and expectation.
  3. The strategic role of human resources management in the field of tourism.
  4. Development and training of human resources and their role in developing the skills of workers.
  5. Advertising through social media venues and its impact in raising awareness and activating internal tourism in Libya.


Second Session: Proposals (from 11:55 AM to 13:15 PM):

  1. The "Libya Tourist Atlas Project" and its role in strategic planning in the tourism sector.
  2. Tourism Festivals: the importance and ways of development (with highlights of Houn Tourist Festival).
  3. The proposal to develop the "Libyan Bank for Tourism & Investment".
  4. Tourist police and their role in achieving tourist security.
  5. Discussion




Info sheet, highlighting the vision, expectations and goals of the conference,
and summary of the proposals and research papers submitted to the conference.