Tunisian, Egyptian & Sudanese Visa Information


We get a number of enquiries from our visitors regarding information relating to obtaining Tunisian and Egyptian visas on the border with Libya. They also enquire about the availability of public transport at the border. As a result, we have gathered some related information and links, which our visitors can use to search for further information. Please note that some of the answers or addresses provided here may have changed after the recent "uprisings" in North Africa, and therefore some of the following information may have changed after the wars. 



Tunisian Visa For Australians



Do you know if Australians need a visa for Tunisia, and if so can it be obtained at the Tunisian land border? Also would we need pre-arranged transport to meet us at the Tunisian border or is onward local transport available after crossing?


Yes, nationals of Australia do need a Tunisian visa (as of 2010). They can obtain it on arrival at the point of entry. But according to travellers' feedback in 2012, one learns that Europeans do not need visa for Tunisia. The best thing to do is to check with the embassy for the latest update and changes after the 2011 Uprising.

Regarding transport, you can use public transport from the Tunisian border. An agreement between the Canadian and Australian governments allows the Canadian Embassy to provide consular assistance to Australians in Tunisia. The Australian Embassy in Egypt can also assist Australians (www.dfat.gov.au/missions/).

Canadian Embassy
3, rue du Senegal
Place d’Afrique
1002 Tunis-Belvedere
Telephone: (216 71) 104 000
Facsimile: (216 71) 104 191
Website: www.tunis.gc.ca



But is it possible to obtain the Tunisian visa at the land border with Libya?


Yes, one of our visitors had contacted the Canadian Embassy in Tunisia and he wrote to us saying: "They very kindly checked on the land border crossing visa issue for me and advised that this is all Ok."




Egyptian Visa 



Do Australians and Europeans need a visa for Egypt?


Yes, most nationals require an entry visa to Egypt. Some nationals, like British, Americans and EU nationals, can get entry permissions on arrival for travelling to certain resorts. Please check with the embassy for details.

Egyptian Tourist Authority in Cairo:

Misr Travel Tower,
Abbassia Square,
Tel: (2) 285 4509.



Can travellers obtain Egyptian visa on arrival at the border with Libya?


It is best to confirm with the embassy for details. However, our sources show that travellers can obtain the visa at the border with Libya (Salloum) and on arrival at the airport (in Cairo). According to several websites most European visitors can obtain the visa on arrival. One of our visitors had contacted the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli (in June 2012) and they confirmed to her that she can obtain the Egyptian visa at the border with Libya.

But we are not sure if this applies to all nationalities or not and therefore we strongly recommend to check with the Egyptian embassy. However citizens of the following  countries do require pre-arrival visa: all African countries, Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chechnya, Croatia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Sri-Lanka, Tadzhikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Egyptian Embassies


1110 Second Avenue
New York
NY 10022
Tel. (212) 7597120


Egyptian Embassy
26 South Street
London W1Y 6DD
Tel: (0207) 4992401


Egyptian Consulate
124 Exhibition Street
9th Floor
Victoria 3000
Tel: (3) 6548869




Sudanese Visa



Can I get a Sudanese visa in Libya?


When we have contacted the Sudanese embassy in Libya (in 2010) they told us the best option for travellers is to get the visa from the Sudanese consulate  in Aswan, Egypt, in 24 hours. Please see horizonsunlimited.com for more information regarding this issue.