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Customisable itinerary: all our tours are 100% customisable: dates, duration and services.
Itinerary Details: for independent travellers and groups:


Cruising by Tripoli'

Itinerary Code:  CRT12



As the home of the best preserved Roman architecture outside Italy, Libya is becoming one of the hottest holiday destinations in the Mediterranean world. We can provide complete service for cruise tour operators who are planning to including Libya among their top destinations.


There are a number of options available for cruise operators to use along the Libyan coast. Approaching Libya from the west, the first stop would be Tripoli, then Homs (Khoms, near Leptis Magna), Misrata, Benghazi and Tobruk.


Most of the Greek and Roman archaeological sites are located along the Libyan coast and thus can be accessed via one day excursions from the ports.


We can arrange visits to either Roman Tripolitania, with its magnificent Leptis Magna and extraordinary Sabratha; or visit Cyrenaica and explore some of the best Greek and Berber remains at Cyrene, Slontha and Apollonia. Tobruk is also an attractive destination with its unique WWII heritage.


marcus aurelius arch


  Tripolitania Tour

  • Tripoli: a chance to see some of Tripoli's unique places, like the Red Fort, the Old Medina, the Market, and some of Libya's best treasures at the the National Museum.

  • Sabratha: about 60 km west of the capital Tripoli: colonnaded three-floor theatre by the sea, impressive collection of buildings, busts, columns and several temples, like those of Isis, Serapis and Liber Pater.

  • Leptis Magna: about 120 km east of the capital Tripoli: site to visit include the beautiful Amphitheatre, the colonnaded street, the Severn Forum, decorated with the Gorgon head, the massive Basilica, the Hippodrome, the Hadrian Baths,  Temples  and the Palaestra.



temple of Zeus at Cyrene



  Cyrenaica Tour

  • Benghazi: Libya's second largest city: site to visit include the old market at the city centre, and WWII sites.

  • Greek Cyrene and Apollonia: about 200 km east of Benghazi: one of Libya's five world heritage sites. Sites to visit include the archaeological city and Cyrene Sculpture Museum.?

  • Tobruk: the home of several WWII sites and cemeteries, including the Allied Cemetery, the French Cemetery, Knightsbridge Cemetery and the German Cemetery.







Cruise & Rally Services:

  1. Obtaining a clearance for the cruise ship & the crew.

  2. Obtaining a pass for each passenger.

  3. Obtaining all the permits required to hold a rally in Libya.

  4. Air-conditioned buses and mini buses.

  5. Expert museum and archaeological guides to accompany the group.



Food, Petrol & Camping


Petrol is available every 50 miles or so (along the main roads), and jerry cans are always available for extra supplies. Petrol in Libya is of top quality unleaded super petrol and is the cheapest in the world. Camping in Libya is Okay and can be arranged. Camping sites, where shower and cooking facilities are available for a fee, are mostly found in tourist and desert areas, like Fezzan. Food is provided if requested. For large groups travelling in the desert, we normally use mobile kitchens, operated by a a team of two (a chef and his assistant). 







a lorry stuck in desert sand




If you are planning to organise a rally across the Libyan Sahara desert, or want to find out more about cars and motor shows in Libya, we can help you find the information you need. In addition to the visa and the tour guide, rally visas require extra permits from various Libyan departments.


Approvals Required For Rallies (as of pre-February 2011):

  1. Approval of the General people's Committee for General Security.

  2. Approval of the General people's Committee for Tourism.

  3. Approval of the General people's Committee for Youth and Sports.

  4. Approval of the Libyan Automobile Club.





Cruising by Tripoli'

Itinerary Code:  CRT12



Cash: full payment is required in Euro on arrival, with the option to pay in advance if preferred. If you cannot pay in Euro, then the next preferred currency is US Dollar or British Pound. The amount shown in Libyan Dinars (if any) is the amount to pay on arrival, converted to Euro currency according to the rates of exchange current at the time of paying.


ATM's: if for any reason you cannot bring cash with you, then you can use your credit card to withdraw cash from ATM's, which are found only in the major cities, airports, like Tripoli and Benghazi, and a few other towns.


Bank Transfer: if you prefer to pay in advance, then we can arrange for you to pay via bank transfer, where you can pay from your bank account directly into our bank account in Libya.


Travellers cheques are becoming part of the past in Libya and can be very hard to find a bank that accepts them. However, when you do find a bank that accepts them, then you need to provide a document showing your name(s) and the list of the cheques' serial numbers, normally obtained from the bank that issued the cheques. If you are bringing any travellers cheques with you, please make sure you obtain this document from your bank.