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Customisable itinerary: all our tours are 100% customisable: dates, duration and services.
Itinerary Details: for independent travellers and groups:


PH29 (11 Days)

This itinerary can be modified to suit individual needs.

This is a special itinerary designed primarily for painters and artists who would like to paint some of Libya's best natural and archaeological wonders, including the Unesco-listed sites of the Sahara. The archaeological coastal sites provide the best examples of Roman architecture and art to be found outside Italy; the number and variety of statues, columns and buildings to paint is endless. Uniquely important are the ancient Berber granaries and castles of Nafousa Mountain, as those of Yefren, Kabaw and Nalut, and the prehistoric troglodyte caves of Gharyan, which surpass those of Tunisia, where some of Star Wars' scenes were taken, in both number and quality. Heading down towards the edge of the great Sahara, one is welcomed by the ancient roofed city of Ghadames, the home of a unique style


Libyan prehistoric Saharan engravings


Venturing farther south, you will enter the Sahara desert for a life-time adventure and experience, where you will be welcomed by the ancient ruins of Germa, the capital of the legendary Garamantian Kingdom. Using Tkerkiba as a campsite base, you will be undertaking daily trips to the great lakes of the Ubari Sand Sea for a breathtaking scenery, and to the prehistoric valleys of Metkhandoush, the home of thousands of prehistoric rock engravings, some of which have never been published before. This itinerary is customisable and you are always welcome to suggest new sites or routes you would like to follow.


Day 1

Tripoli: upon arrival in Tripoli you will be met by your guide who will complete the entry formalities for you, and escort you to your hotel. Depending on time of arrival, you will visit some of the archaeological sites, an afternoon walk in the city centre or along the shores of Tripoli, before returning to the hotel for the night.

Day 2

Tripoli - Qasr Al-Haj - Kabaw: exploring Tripoli, including visits to the Assaraya Alhamra Museum for a quick virtual tour of Libya's history, from prehistoric times to the   present; a walk around the Old Medina (the Old City) to explore its network of narrow, roofed-streets, arches and covered souks; and a visit to the Arch of Marcus Aurelius. Then head for Nafousa Mountain to see the classic Berber fortified granary in Kabaw, stopping at the Berber castle of Qasr al-Haj.

ghadames designs: red paint on white walls

Day 3

Ghadames: on the morning you will visit nearby Nalut, see the Old Town and the Berber granary, then begin your desert journey towards Ghadames. A short break at the hotel, followed by a walk through the roofed Old City, stopping at any place you feel

ghadames designsghadames designs

Day 4


Ghadames: free day to paint: your guide will taken you anywhere you decide you would like to paint. He can arrange for you to visit a traditiobnal house inside the old city for painting. Or he can take you to the Sand Dunes or other local sites. Return to the hotel.

sahara lake





Ghadames - Sabha - Tkerkiba: today you will drive to Tkerkiba via Sabha, transfer to the campsite.

Days 6, 7, 8,9


Tkerkiba - Ubari Lakes - Germa - Metkhandoush - Messaks - Sabha: on the morning, you will head for the magnificent sand dunes of the Ubari Sand Sea, to explore a series of wonderful lakes dotted across the desert. Return to Tkerkiba for the fixed camp, or choose to free camp  near the lakes. Leaving Tkerkiba in desert cars (4WD), you will start your tour of Fezzan by exploring the famous valley of Wadi Metkhandouch, to see and photograph some of the vast number of prehistoric engravings and rock-art. Some engravings and caves require walking on foot to get to them. The engravings describe the daily life of the area as it was in the distant past. Among the best visited art sites are the fighting cats.  A fantastic opportunity to fill your memory card with wonderful memories. Then return to either Tkerkiba or Sabha for the night.

sand dunes from the libyan Sahara

sand dunes from the libyan Saharasand dunes from the libyan Saharasand dunes from the libyan Saharasand dunes from the libyan Sahara


Days 10


Tripoli - Leptis Magna - Tripoli: after showering off all the desert heat and dust and relaxing the night in a hotel in Sabha, you will take an early flight to Tripoli airport, and head for Leptis Magna for a tour of the best preserved Roman city in the world, before returning to the capital for the night.


Days 11


Tripoli: Departure & Farewell: free time, departure & farewell.



How this holiday makes a difference?

We are a Libyan tourism company operating from Libya, we employ local services, and all our camping staff, drivers and desert experts are locals. This means that all operational costs of our tours pour directly into the Libyan economy, and booking your holiday directly with us would make a big difference to all of us in Libya. We provide real experience holidays by arranging for our visitors to meet and mix with the local people, camp and stop anywhere they like, customise their itineraries, attend cultural events and festivals where applicable, and visit local families and try traditional foods. To help preserve and support our local culture and heritage we have provided comprehensive guides and free coverage in our website of local festivals, crafts, industries, rock art galleries, and have created Libya's first online museum of Libyan museums for the world to see and visit, free of charge. Needless to say Libya's archaeological sites are nearly empty most of the time and thus provide a unique and private touring experience.



painting holiday




the famous prehistoric engraving from Libya showing two giant cats fighting

Itinerary Code: PH29
11 Days Tour


Small Group Tours

Unlike most tour companies we have no minimum requirement to take part in our tours. You can come along by yourself, with a friend, or with a group of friends. Coming with a friend nearly halves the price of your tour.

You can also take part in a group tour if you prefer group tours and if there are groups matching your specifications (date, destinations, etc.) which you can join.

If you are just looking for an operator to put together an itinerary for your private group, then we will be delighted to design a program to suit your needs.





the famous prehistoric engraving from Libya showing two giant cats fighting

Itinerary Code: PH29
11 Days Tour

Hotels are optional. They will be included in the price if requested. Independent travellers can pick and choose their hotels as they go.


Hotels in Libya

If 3-star hotels were requested or included in the price then we normally use the best ones available, like Al Andalus hotel in Tripoli,? Severus hotel in Leptis Magna, and Dar Germa in Germa.

If 4-star hotels were requested or included in the price then we must inform you that these hotels can be found only in Tripoli, Benghazi and one in Ghadames. For example, we can use Alkendi hotel or the Grand Hotel (Alkabir) in Tripoli, or Almanara hotel in Apollonia; but we can use any hotel of your choice and calculate the price accordingly.

We are not affiliated with any of these hotels, and we only recommend those hotels with proven good customer feedback. We also do like the traditional style and Berber designs employed in the construction of  some hotels, like El-Khan and Zumit hotels in Tripoli and the grand Dar Ghadames hotel in Ghadames for their traditional styles that reflect the local culture as well as for their high standards and to allow our visitors to experience something different to the usual hotels.? However, you are always welcome to suggest any other hotel you like, and where there are no bookings requested or confirmed?in advance we do allow our? visitors to pick and choose their hotels as they go, after arrival, but availability during season cannot be guaranteed without booking in advance. However, if you are not specific about a particular hotel, then there are plenty of good hotels to choose from.


Camping Sites in Libya

Camping sites wherever to be found are also locally managed and provide basic services. Where camping sites cannot be found, your guide can either find a suitable and safe place for you to camp, or take you to the nearest hotel that provides camping places for a small fee. Some desert camping sites can be very expensive, up to 250 Libyan Dinar per a tent, and therefore these are often not included in our budget tours.   We do however provide our own tents (small and large) and other camping equipment like mats, mattresses and blankets (all new) for free camping; but we do not recommend sharing nor do we provide sleeping bags, unless on request.


Hostels in Libya

If hostels were requested in the program, then the quality of the service expected is provided as is. We cannot reserve rooms in hostels as there are no reservation services. Please refer to our guide to hostels in Libya for more information.



Prices & Services


Set Your Own Price

Generally speaking we are committed to providing good tours at reasonable price without compromising on quality. In fact our system allows you the freedom to pay for the quality level you require.

There are various factors that can affect the price. For example, some visitors want 4-star hotels, others want 3-star hotels, while there are those who prefer to use hostels or camp in the open beneath the desert's stars. Some tourists want food included in the price, while others prefer to travel light. The time chosen to visit Libya will also influence the costs, as heavy demand on scarce services tends to push the price up of some services like hotels.

Travel companies that offer fixed price tours tend to mandate the same services on the whole group, regardless of personal preferences. We are dedicated to offering quality services based on personal needs. Once you get in touch with us regarding a particular tour or itinerary, we will contact you to discuss the exact services you require and then set a price for your tour based on those preferences.

This means that it is you who decides the price by choosing to pay only for the services you require.


Basic Services:

  • Libyan visa on arrival
  • Airport/border formalities & transfers
  • Passport registration
  • Guide & his full costs
  • Advertised or agreed itinerary
  • Private air-conditioned transport
  • Desert transport & expert (where applicable)
  • Internal flights (where shown in program)

Extra Services:

  • Accommodation in 3-star and/or 4-star hotels
  • Accommodation in hostels
  • Camping fees and fixed camping sites charges
  • Food (full board or half board. Breakfast is included in all hotel prices)
  • Museum & archaeological sites entrance fees
  • Museum & archaeological guides
  • Any other request not listed in the above basic required services list

Price does not include any of the following services:

  • Vehicle charges & taxes
  • Travel insurance
  • Photography fees
  • Personal expenditure & souvenirs
  • Anything else not specified in the above services list


Payment   Details

the famous prehistoric engraving from Libya showing two giant cats fighting

Itinerary Code: PH29
Duration: 11
Days Tour

Cash: full payment is required in Euro on arrival, with the option to pay in advance if preferred. If you cannot pay in Euro, then the next preferred currency is US Dollar or British Pound. The amount shown in Libyan Dinars (if any) is the amount to pay on arrival, converted to Euro currency according to the rates of exchange current at the time of paying.

ATM's: if for any reason you cannot bring cash with you, then you can use your credit card to withdraw cash from ATM's, which are found only in the major cities, airports, like Tripoli and Benghazi, and a few other towns.

Bank Transfer: if you prefer to pay in advance, then we can arrange for you to pay via bank transfer, where you can pay from your bank account directly into our bank account in Libya.

Travellers cheques are becoming part of the past in Libya and can be very hard to find a bank that accepts them. However, when you do find a bank that accepts them, then you need to provide a document showing your name(s) and the list of the cheques' serial numbers, normally obtained from the bank that issued the cheques. If you are bringing any travellers cheques with you, please make sure you obtain this document from your bank.


Deposit Payment:


The amount to pay differs from one case to another. You will be notified via email during negotiations of how much deposit you need to pay, if any. Usually there is no deposit to pay.

No deposit or advance payment is required from independent and private travellers as long as there are no hotel bookings required. Hotels in Libya will not confirm bookings without payment. Hostels in Libya do not accept bookings.

For groups arriving together as part of one group organised by another tour operator or a travel agent, then there will be no deposit to pay. Full payment must be made on arrival by the tour leader. If hotel bookings are required, then a deposit to cover the hotel reservation may be necessary, depending on the category of hotels chosen.

No deposit is required from individuals booking a place in one of our group tours if booking is made three months or more before arrival; but if booking is made within three months of travel, then we require a deposit payment to guarantee the tour for the other members of the group.