Telephone Area Codes In Libya



Local City Code


The City Code is the local prefix assigned to every city or area in the country. This code must be dialled before the actual number requested. For example, Zuwarah (Libya) has a city code of 25.




National Direct Dialling (NDD Prefix)


This is often a one digit code preceding local city code. This code is used only nationally, but If you are telephoning a number in another country, then you must omit this code. For example, if someone gives you their mobile number in Libya as +218 (0)92 xxx xxxx, then the (0) code (before 92) is used only within Libya; from outside Libya you need to use:   +218 92 xxx xxxx. This (0) is the NDD prefix.




Country Code


This is the national prefix needed before you can dial a number in another country; and often is followed by the city or area code. Libya's code is 218.




International Direct Dialling Code (IDD Prefix)


This code is needed to dial a number in another country, and is often followed by the country code and then the city code. Most countries use 00 to dial out, but some countries add or change a digit or two, like: Australia (0011) and USA (011).






Libya Dialling Codes


The following list provides the telephone area codes or dialling codes for the main towns and cities of Libya. If the area code begins with a zero, remove it if you are phoning from outside Libya. To telephone Libya from abroad, you will need to dial the international dial out code (exit code) of your country, the international dialling code of Libya (218), followed by the city code, and then the actual telephone number you would like to reach.


For example:


To call Libya from England: 00 (exit code) + 218 (Libya) + city code in Libya (e.g., 25: Zuwarah) + the actual number.

To Call Libya from USA: 011 (US exit code) + 218 + area code + telephone number.
To call Libya mobile telephones:   dial out code + 218 + 9x xxx xxxx   (9 is mostly followed by 1 or 2). If there is a zero (0) before the 9, then remove it.




Tripoli 21
Ben Gheshshir & Tripoli Airport 22
Azzawya 23
Sabratha 24
Zuwarah 25
Tajura 26
Khoms 31
Gharyan 41
Musratha 51
Sirte 54
Houn 57
Benghazi 61
Benina 63
Ajdabya 64
Almerj 67
Sabha 71
Darna 81
Tobruk 87
Aziziyyah 202
Asswani 204
Ajilat 282
Suk Alkhamis 321
Bani Waleed 322
Tarhouna 325
Msellata 326
Yefren 421
Ghadames 484
Zliten 521
Tawergha 522
Ben Jawwad 552