Libyan Investment Laws

new laws article 35

TNC's Article (35), Constitutional Declaration.

According to the NTC all the laws that do not contradict with the regulations of this declaration
will remain effective and only the names will change.


"All the current provisions decreed in the existing legislations shall continue to be effective, in as much as they do not conflict with the provisions of this "declaration", until the announcement of new provisions to amend or repeal them. Each reference in these [old] provisions to the so-called "People's Congresses" or the "General People's Congress" shall be taken as a reference to the "Interim Transitional National Council"  or the "General National Council [Congress]"; each reference to the "General People's Committee" or the "People's Committees" is a reference to the "Executive Board" or to the members of the Executive Board or to the government or to the members of the government, each within his or her jurisdictional boundaries; and each reference to the (Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) shall be deemed as a reference to (Libya)."



NTC's Laws, Declarations & Press Releases

Oil Revenues Transparency: NTC press release 03 NTC

Press Release 13: obligations of the NTC

NTC Law No. 18: ppointing head of financial auditing system

NTC Law No. 20: appointing president of oil and commerce administration

Decree 177 (2011): nationalism & honesty levels required for taking up government positions

Law No. 11: marine seaports authority: establishing a transitional marine authority for commercial seaports and oil terminals

The full text of the NTC's Constitutional Declaration of the 3rd of August 2011, in Arabic.

Declaration of Libya's Liberation: 23 October 2011

Election Law Project (un-numbered and undated law)

NTC Press Release 02 (2012): refuting the claims regarding the "Benghazi Parliament"

NTC Law No. 12: - canceling peoples power

Press Release 16: regarding the symbols of Gaddafi regime and his loyalists

Press Release 05: NTC's landmines policy

Manifesto declaration 10

Nafusa Press Release: money grant: 14million dinars

Press Release 15: assassination of Abdelfattah Younis

NTC Law No. 128

NTC Law No. 130

NTC Law No. 137: High Court

NTC Law No. 137

NTC Law No. 146

NTC Law No. 10

NTC Law No. 119

NTC Law No. 123

NTC Law No. 125

NTC Law No. 13

NTC Law No. 131

NTC Law No. 135

NTC Law No. 136

NTC Law No. 136.

NTC Law No. 14

NTC Law No. 15

NTC Law No. 16: Libyan company communications

NTC Law No. 17: internal and foreign security

NTC Law No. 21: Kufra administration

NTC Law No. 26: Crisis Team

NTC Law No. 34: Libyan Qatari Disaster Centre

NTC Law No. 35: Surveillance Search Centre

NTC Law No. 67: renaming the army



Previous Investment & Business Laws


The following PDF files provide a general introduction to Libyan Law regarding matters of business, licensing, banking, trading, tax, and investment in Libya. Some of the documents are in English, while others are in Arabic.

Law (9) of 2000: regarding organising trade of transit and free zones

Law (55) of February 2011: regarding prices of vegetables and fruits in Libya.

Law (801) of 2010: regarding the issuing of commercial licence.

Law (644) of 2010: regarding the issuing of commercial licence.

Law No.(134) of 2006: to establish financial paper market.

Law (1) of 2005: banking law.

Law (4) of 2004: chambers of commerce.

Law (6) of 2004: organising trading agencies works.

Law (29) of 2006: opening representational office in Libya.

Law (65) of 1970: rules in respect of trades and commercial companies and supervision thereon.

Law (9) of 2000: regarding organising trade of transit and free zones.

Law (11) of 2004: income tax.

Law (232) of 2010: regarding fixing prices of natural gas.

Law (5) of 1997: promotion of Investment of Foreign Capital, as Amended by Law (7) of 2003.

Law (9) of 2010: regarding Investment Promotion.

Law (757) of 2007: regarding the development and promotion of export.

Law (9) of 2008: regarding organising import and export.

Law  (477) of 2010: regarding vehicle importation.

Law (366) of 2010: regarding importation of used cars.

Law (55) of 2011: regarding prices of vegetables and fruits.

Law (2) of 2005: combating money laundering.

Law (23) of 2010: trading activity.