Germa - Wadi Matkhandoush (Metkhendoush)

The journey from Germa to Wadi Matkhandouch, also known as Matkhandoush, Metkhandouch, Mathkhandouch or Metkhendoush, usually takes between two and three hours drive. Many tourists and travellers use Tkerkiba as a camping base, then from there they take daily excursions to the lakes and various sites in the Acacus region, and then return to base in the evening. To tour the region properly, including the Awbari lakes, the sand dunes, Germa, Matkhandouch, and the other main sites of the Acacus, tourists need to consider spending at least seven days in Tekerkiba, Germa or Awaynat (Serdeles). Many of the tourists and travellers who came to the region for one day at the lakes and two or three days in Acacus, realised that they needed more time to complete a proper tour of the archaeological sites and hence most of then said they will return.



Methkhendoush stones covering the ground

Ocean of Stone


Wadi Matkhandoush (Metkhendouch)

Arriving at Wadi Methkhendoush. The straw huts are Tuareg shops, selling jewellery and other Tuareg traditional hand-made leather, brass, copper, tin and and silver items.