Traditional Industries, Designs & Crafts


Traditional Starw industries, Libya

Libyan Traditional Sandals, Shoes & Boots

Tuareg Libyan boots

Libyan leather boots.

Libyan traditional boots



Traditional shows from libya  



Tuareg sandals




Leather Bags & Wallets


Tuareg saddle



Leather crafts, wallet



tuareg leather wallets



Tuareg Musical Imzad

traditional libyan crafts

This Imzad (Amzad or Anzad) is on display at Ghadames Museum.



imzad: tuareg one-string instrument

This imzad is played by a Tuareg woman during the festival of Ghadames 2009.



the Tuareg imzad: a one string instrument

The Imzad Project. Image from: (www.croqnature.com/inzadformation.htm)


This project aims to preserve the imzad Tuareg culture by providing training for girls to play the unique musical instrument: Imzad, by promoting the Tuareg oral heritage, and by making more instruments and recordings. This will be achieved via the cultural tourism circuit called the "Imzad Hearers" and the training of guides in the Aïr region. For more information about the project, please visit Save the Imzad website (imzadanzad.com).

The imzad is an ancient   musical instrument made of one string, probably dating back to prehistoric times, and therefore its importance to a Tuareg is often compared to the importance of the soul to the human body. The instrument however is played only by women; with the only element allowed to join in is the voice of a male soloist.




wooden camel-milking bowels
Wooden mugs for milking camels.






weaving stand
The Loom, from Ghadames, for weaving rugs and carpets.



Daraj festival

Daraj, south-west Libya.


farming  tools

Farming tools: the plough & ploughing and farming accessories.




Qasr al-Haj interior

Qasr al-Haj, Nafusa, Libya.



The Stone Mill (Quern)

stone grinding tool


quern, stone mill ontp of a sheep skin, with grains nearby



pestle and mortar made of brass

Pestle and mortar made of brass.



Traditional Oil Press

the oil press

The oil press (for more information, see our Jado Museum)






Traditional Interior House Designs (from Ghadames)

ghadames the pearl of the Sahara

Ghadames interior wall  decorations in red over white walls.