Tkerkiba - The Awbari Lakes

Entering Tkerkiba  sebha tkerkiba germa road map
Entering Tkerkiba


This is one of the most enjoyable and thrilling adventures of the desert driving experience. Terrifyingly steep sand dunes present an exciting and exhilarating challenge to both drivers and passengers; where the endless horizon and the surrounding disorientating sand dunes easily merge distance with mirage. Driving from Tkerkiba to the Awbari Lakes is truly a unique experience most drivers will never forget.

To avoid any problems spoiling the occasion, you need the company of a desert expert, required by law, as he will be able to direct you in the right direction and even provide you with some instructions for safe driving across the sand, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying the drive. Many drivers get stuck as soon as they reach the top of a sand dune; using second gear and deflating the tyres down to half-pressure enables the wheels to get a better grip on the sand. The basic tip is to stop as soon as you reach the top of the sand dune and check the descent angle; if it is more than 30 degrees, then there is a risk of a rollover as you drive down the dune, caused by the weight of the vehicle. Some drivers prefer to drive on an angle (left or right) while going down to reduce the steepness; while others prefer a straight down for a higher dose of adrenaline. You might also would like to know that the sand dissipates the energy from the tyres as they slightly sink into the sand and therefore to maintain momentum you must steadily keep your foot on the accelerator.

leaving Tkerkiba for the Awbari lakes


the sand tracks from Tkerkiba to the Awbari Lakes in Fezzan

Shortly after leaving Tkerkiba, heading for the Awbari Lakes.


Along the sand track from Tkerkiba to the Awbari lakes

Getting closer to Umm al-Maa Lake

Arriving at Um Al-Maa Awbari lake from Tkerkiba

Approaching Umm al-Maa Lake



Arriving at Um Al-Maa lake

Time to take a dip in Umm al-Maa


Tkerkiba Awbari Lakes sand track across the sand dunes