The entrance to ghadames museum in libya
The entrance to the Museum of Ghadames

Ghadames Museum


Ghadames Museum is a unique museum, displaying various archaeological and cultural treasures from different periods of Libyan Berber history; including stone tools and implements from the stone age, fossilised objects, traditional Tuareg crafts and industries, and preserved animals, birds and insects, showing examples of the wild life present in the region. The museum is divided into several wings, each of which is separate from the other. The following photo shows the entrance to the Fourth Wing (left) and the First Wing (right).


the first and fourth wings of ghadames museum

The Fourth Wing (left) & the First Wing (right)



desert roses from the museum of ghadames

Desert Rose Crystals

The very top line shows food covers made of woven palm leaves. These are used to cover clay and wooden bowls used to serve food, which keep food warm without releasing condensation back onto the food. The second line shows small baskets or pots (or containers) also made of straw. The very old versions of these items are made of much finer woven threads, snd are of better quality than modern versions. The lower two rows show examples of what is known as "desert rose" stones, a leaf-like structure of crystals of the mineral gypsum.


traditional straw crafts from ghadames museum

traditional straw baskets fans and food covers from Ghadames museum

Traditional industries based on palm leaves and coloured fabrics. Palm leaves are an important material in the desert. They are used for various objects and tools, from ropes and strings to baskets and mats.


traditional wooden sofa



basket work



Tuareg Boots

Traditional Libyan Boots


Libyan shoes


leather crafts



The bride during the henna night

The Bride During the Henna Night.

This dress is worn by the bride during the henna ceremony, part of the marriage ceremony and also worn during the "contract night" or "the pact night": the night the bride and the bridegroom decide to be husband and wife.



a box with a lid from ghadames museum




Berber Tuareg tifinagh or alphabet  framed picture from the museum of Ghadames in Libya

The Tuareg Berber Alphabet and its Arabic Translation,
located in the Third Wing of the Museum.

A framed picture showing the Tuareg alphabet, generally known as Tifinagh. The first column on the right is the Arabic translation of the second column, the third of the fourth, and so on. The English translation is as follows: starting from top right and going down (of the second column from the right): A, B, T, J, KH, D, then from the top of the fourth column from the right: R, Z, GH, N, S, SH, then from the sixth column from the right: D' (emphatic D), F, Q, L, M, Z' (emphatic heavy D, similar to Z), then from the top of first column on the left: H, Y, O (or W), G, Dg (as in judge), K, and emphatic T (heavy open form of English /th/, as in English "ta" (short for 'thank you')).



the pottery room in ghadames museum


ghadames museum stones

Temple Column Bases

column bases for temples



map of old town of ghadames

A Map of the Old Town of Ghadames




old doors

The Evolution of Ghadamsian Doors



old keys and locks

Old locks and keys.


modern door

Modern Ghadamsi Door




skin tool

One-stringed Imzad; played only by women.



camel milking mugs

Camel Milking Mugs


fossils of unknown object



weaving stand

Weaving Stand (Loom). The above sign says: "goat hair rope".




map of sites of interest in Ghadames city, Libya.

Map of Ghadames, from Ghadames Museum, Libya.