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Libya & Sahara Travel e-Books




The following public-domain eBooks are digitised works of out of copyright printed material. The e-books however are still the property of Gutenberg and Google and their copyright notice must be observed, as stated within these books. These books are here to download free of charge for personal use.


Great African Travellers, by W.H.G. Kingston: From Mungo Park To Livingstone And Stanley. The story of exploring the Sahara, the Niger, the Nile and the Mountain of the Moon. Africa as it was 150 years ago, with more than 100 fine illustrations.

File size: 4.44 MB 


Herodotus: The Histories:  Vol 1: Books I - V: Description of North Africa and the Berbers by the Greek father of history Herodotus, about 2500 years ago.

File size: 323 KB (0.32 MB)


Herodotus: The Histories:  Vol 2: Books VI - VIII : the Persians.

File size: 298 KB


Herodotus: The Histories:  Vol 1: Books II: the Egyptians

File size: 78 KB


The Great Desert Of Sahara, In The Years Of 1845 And 1846: by James Richardson: a tour of nine months through the Sahara, amongst the Tuareg of Ghat, Ghadames Murzuk and other Saharan tribes. In two volumes. London.

File size: 64 MB


The History Of The Barbary Corsairs: by Stanley Lane-Poole, with the collaboration of Lieut. J. D. Jerrold Kelley, US Navy, London, 1890.

File size: 7.32 MB


Researches Into the Physical History of Mankind: description of the various African tribes, including the tribes of North Africa. Volume II.
By James Cowles Richard
London 185, Oxford University, digitised by Google on the 6th of Jul 2007

File size: 11.2 MB


The Great Sahara: Wanderings South of the Atlas Mountains:
By H. B. Tristram, London 1860, digitised by Google on the 11th Sep 2007

File size: 14.5 MB


Loqman Berbere (Luqman Berbere)
By Rene Basset (1855-1924)
Paris, Ernest Leroux Editeur, 1890

File size: 19.3 MB


A Narrative of Travels In Northern Africa, In The Years 1818, 19 And 20. Accompanied by The Course of The Niger, a chart of the routes, and illustrative coloured plates.
By Captain G. F. Lyon, R. N.
London, Jhon Murray Albemarle Street, 1821

File size: 17.4 MB












Tifinagh Fonts


Tifinagh fonts : (the zipped file originally was downloaded from the IRCAM website at: www.ircam.ma/ar/index.php?soc=telec).


Tifinagh & Latin Berber Keyboards:

: Standardised Berber keyboard Tamazight_FQ, version 1.3 (for Libya, Tifinagh, Latin-mapped, QWERTY)

: Standardised Berber keyboard Tamazight_FQ, version 1.3 (for Libya, Tifinagh, Arabic-mapped, QWERTY)

: Standardised Berber keyboard for Tamazight_F, version 1.36 (for North Africa and France, Tifinagh, AZERTY)


: Download the complete Tamazight Keyboard Layouts (version 1.22)



Tifinagh Books


The following Tifinagh books were originally downloaded from www.tawalt.com, and are here made available to download for personal use.


Tifinagh - Tifinagh


Tifinagh - Tira


Tifinagh - Tira 2


Tifinagh - Tamusni Turari


Tifinagh - Turari


Tifinagh - Eghma


Tifinagh - Eghma 2


Tifinagh - Amawal N Imudar


Tifinagh - Tamusni


Tifinagh - Tamusni 2



Tifinagh Magazines


Armat - Berber magazine

Armat is Libya's first Tamazight magazine to be launched under the supervision of the Libyan National Centre for Local Cultures Studies (المركز الوطني الليبي لدراسات الثقافات المحلية). It was launched on the 29th of December 2012. The entire magazine is written in Tifinagh.










Download the Declaration of the Libyan National T-amazigh-t Congress in Tifinagh:


Download the Founding Manifesto of the Libyan Tamazight Congress (ALT):
https://www.temehu.com/imazighen/berberdownloads/libyan-tamazigh-congress-founding manifesto.pdf


Download the manifesto of the constitutional rights forum:


Download the Human Rights Council Report regarding the persecution of the Berber and Tebo people of Libya by Gaddafi's government. Summary report prepared by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in accordance with paragraph 15 (c) of the annex to Human rights Council resolution 5/1:



Read Amnesty International Report (mde190252011en:
(file size: 7.26 MB).


Download Human Rights Watch 2011 report about the state of Berbers in Libya:


Download The NTC Constitutional Declaration: the full text of the NTC's Constitutional Declaration of the 3rd of August 2011, in Arabic, in which the Berbers were denied official recognition once more:


Read the story of the assassination of Ferhat Mehenni's son:


Download UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
: https://www.temehu.com/imazighen/berberdownloads/UN-declaration-on-the-rights-of-indigenous-people.pdf








Free Photos




A selection of free photos from Libya, including images of the Sahara and the archaeological sites of Sabratha and Leptis Magna. Each download button downloads 3 images in one zipped folder. These images are free to use for none commercial purposes. Crediting this website as the source would be appreciated.



  Leptis Magna Leptis Magna
Leptis Magna





Leptis Magna
Leptis Magna





Leptis Magna
Leptis Magna





Sahara scorpion 2
Sahara scorpion





Sahara lake4
Sahara lake











Sahara desert









Miscellaneous Files




Miscellaneous Files


Blueshield Mission Report Libya 2011.


Law 7 Regarding Tourism in Libya.


Law No. 7 Regarding Hotel Prices in Libya.


Law (55) of February 2011: Regarding Prices of Vegetables & Fruits in Libya.


Tourist Guide And His Role in Establishing The Principles of Cultural Tourism, by Omar Said, Libyan Tourism Board, Tourism Companies Department.


Principles of Sahara Tourism: a study of tourism in the Sahara by Dr. Mustafa Salem, Ali Sbita and Omar Hamouda, from Alfath University, Tripoli.


The Geology of Libya, The Fourth Symposium (November, 17-20, 2008, Tripoli): Sedimentary Basins of Libya.


Science Teaching in Libya.


The full text of the NTC's Constitutional Declaration of the 3rd of August 2011, in Arabic.


Final Report of Prof. Luc Montagnier and Prof. Vittorio Colizzi on the Nosocomial HIV infection (Paris, 7 April 2003).


How clean are rental DVDs? Isolation of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) From Rented DVDs.


Parasitological Contamination In Salad Vegetables In Tripoli-Libya.


Bacteriological Quality of Drinking Water Obtained From Mosques In Tripoli.


UNESCO's Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property 1970.