tokra road sign
Welcome to Tokra (Teuchira or Tocra).


Tokra scene: trees and sky

Tokra or Tukra is a small village in Eastern Libya, located about 70 kilometres east of Benghazi city. Tokra was one of the five cities of the Greek Pentapolis. The village is also known as Teucheira, Toukhira, or al-A'quriyah, the last from which Google-map derived its Aquriya.


Tokra: archaeological remains by the sea

The village, suitably located between the mountains and the sea, is a wonderful Libyan village, providing breathtaking scenery and landscape. According to archaeologists, the village is a good example of how a modest Libyan (Berber) settlement would have looked like, and how the majority of ancient locals would have lived.



Tokra was an important export port during the Greek period, which became a busy commercial centre after falling under Roman influence during the fist century BC. The city began to lose its status during the Byzantine period, and by the time it was taken by Ibn Ala's she was no more.

Tokra: a sea view

As the above photo illustrates, the majority of the archaeological sites are still to be excavated, and therefore our conception of the ancient settlement is limited to what we already know: very little.


Tokra: archaeological site

The 60-meter-long city walls and some of the fortification towers are still in place today. Originally the enclosure had three entrances and housed several important building, such as the Basilica and the Arena.



Tokra: stone with inscriptions in the greek alphabet


Tokra is also a home to a small museum, containing several archaeological items found in the area, including pottery, statues, stones and mosaics.



Tokra: a scene of palm trees with archaeological remains in the foreground

Tokra: outdoor mosaic floor


Tokra: caves or grottos