Tolmeita Museum building


Tolmeita   (Ptolemais) Museum


The Museum of Tolmeita, also known as Ptolemais Museum, houses a number of archaeological treasures and ruins that were found in the region, such as statues, including those of the Libyan Medusa and Cleopatra, columns, tablets, burial and funerary objects, and several mosaic floors, from the Punic, Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods. One of the most unique exhibits of the museum, and of historical importance, is a price tablet showing prices of goods in the Roman empire, dating to the 301 AD. The finds have attracted nearly

The museum was originally a store house used during the Italian occupation, in which a number of archaeological artifacts ended up for storage, and most of which still are, to this day, piled up in its store rooms, yet to catalogued and given a place in the museum. The store house was turned into a museum during the 1960s. Some of the finds are actually still outside the museum with no protection from the elements whatsoever, as clearly visible in some of the photos. In fact, the museum was already burgled twice in its short life: once in 1989, and then in 2005.


A standing Goddess from Tolmeita, probably of Medusa (the Gorgon)

A statue of a woman with the head of Demeter and the body of Venus.



headless statues

Wonderful Atmosphere!



headless Goddess Athena

Neith (Athena).

A commanding statue of the Goddess Athena whom the Greeks had adopted from Libyan Tannit, The Libyan Goddess Neith whom the ancient Egyptians before them widely venerated as Net or Nit.


marble fountain

A marble fountain with dancing maidens.


marble relief of Libyan Amazons

A sarcophagus fragment showing the Libyan Amazons in action.
It was found in Wadi (Valley) Khamish, west of Tolmeita. From the 2nd century AD.



Sarcophagus of stone




a statue of a seated woman, damaged from the neck upwards



The Goddess Athena, from the Roman period.



terracotta-like headless statue

Archaic funerary statues, found in the city of Barce (Al-Marj), south of Tolmeita, and dating from the 5th century BC.




statue of Artemis

Statue of the Goddess Artemis (Diana). This is a Roman copy of the original Greek,
found in the Colonnaded Palace.



a head carved in a stone



mosaic from a floor

The Four Seasons

Mosaic from the Colonnaded Palace.




moasiac of the terrible Gorgon

Mosaic panels from a floor found in the Colonnaded Palace, from the 1st century BC.



mosaic scene of a figure surrounded by animals


a mosiac of what appears to be the four seasons



carved stone column



columns outside the museum building

Unsorted pieces still outside the museum building.





Tolmeita Museum is cracking and requires urgent attention




متحف طلميثة منحوتات تروي رحلة إنسان عاش في ليبيا القديمة