Import & Export In Libya

list of Libya's commercial partners



List of Libya's commercial partners:

The list shows the total cost of imported and exported goods from each partner. Italy is the largest partner, with 31% of the total, followed by: Germany, China, France, Spain, USA, Turkey, UK, UAE and Tunisia.



list of products imported into Libya


List of products imported into Libya



list of products exported by Libya


List of products exported by Libya

  • Oil & fuels (95.93%)
  • Metals, precious stones
  • Pearls
  • Chemicals & chemical products
  • Fertilisers
  • Iron
  • Alloys
  • Tools & machinery
  • Photographic equipment
  • Medical tools



vlaue of products imported into Libya

Value of products imported into Libya in thousands of dollars.



Libyan Export Promotion Centre



The Libyan Export Promotion Centre, based in Tripoli, was established in accordance with the General Peoples Committee law (128) of 2006, to increase the size of the Libyan export industry.
www.lepc.org.ly/ (Arabic site)
www.lepc.org.ly/indexEng.jsp (English site)

The Objectives of The Centre

  • Propose appropriate policies to promote export.
  • Encourage marketing Libyan products & services.
  • Offer incentives for Libyan exporters to participate in international exhibitions.
  • Organise trade delegations and trade fairs.
  • Provide Libyan exporters with commercial and economic information.
  • Collaborate with Libyan institutions working in the field of export promotion.
  • Monitor &  control export activities in regard to quality, standards, specifications, packing and pricing.
  • Facilitate all export procedures in one place ('one stop shop').
  • Assist exporters in resolving issues relating to export operations.





Exporters Register Documents



  1. Application form for registration in the Exporters Register (طلب القيد في سجل المصدّرين حسب النموذج المعد لذلك بالمركز)
  2. Licence to practice the trade (ترخيص مزاولة النشاط)
  3. Statement of registration from the Commercial Register (مستخرج حديث من صحفية القيد بالسجل التجاري)
  4. Registration Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce (شهادة أثبات قيد بالغرفة التجارية)
  5. Receipt of payment of registration fees (إيصال سداد الرسم المقرر للتسجيل)






Application Form For Registration In The Exporters Registry



application form


application form


Download the application form for registration in the exporters registry.





Libyan Laws Regarding Export & Import




Codex Stan 143 of 1985 palm date export regulations

Law 146 of 2005 licence to use quality logo

Law 159 of 2009 prohibiting export of fish

Law 16 of 2006 organising import and export

Law 160 of 2009 prohibiting export of wool

Law 410 of 2007 registry of exporters at the export promotion centre

Law 479 of 2010

Law 493 of 2020 promotion and development of export

Law 757 of 2007 development of export

Law 9 of 2008 organising import and export

HS Code of products with names in Arabic and English

Law (757) of 2007: regarding the development and promotion of export

Law (9) of 2008: regarding organising import and export

Law(477)of 2010: regarding vehicle importation