Ghat Oasis

The Capital of The Tuareg

the old city og Ghat: a castle at the top of a mountain




night view of the Ghat oasis

Night view of Ghat


a roof view of Ghat


Ghat is a Tuareg oasis, located in southern Libya, very close to the Algerian border, at the base of the enigmatic Tadrart Acacus. She earned her epithet The Last Oasis from being the last oasis before venturing into the desert regions of Acacus. Like many other desert settlements, the old village is connected via narrow streets, archways and passageways, very reminiscent of those of Ghadames, where Tuareg blacksmiths display their unique silver jewellery, and traders offer their leather products and indigo coloured fabrics. There are several prehistoric circular graves, covered with stones. These were thought to belong to the Garamantian period.



The Medina (The Old City) of Ghat is almost uninhabited today with only a few families remaining within its ruins. The fortress, shown at the top is an interesting place to see. The old museum houses a range of artifacts from the area. Cultural events such as the Annual Ghat festival, which takes place at the end of December (now November), and the Tuareg camel race will give a glimpse of the Berber way of life in the desert.

street view of Ghat



another street view of Ghat, with stairs going up the road





campsite in Ghat: straw huts and small trees in between



Watering system, shadouf-like



Ghat folklore music from the festival of ghat.


The Ghat Tourist Festival is normally held near the end of December (29 to 31 December), and lasts for three days. It is an important festival where Tuareg tribes from Libya, Algeria and Niger, and tourists meet and celebrate the Tuareg traditional culture, folklore and heritage and explore handicraft exhibitions of traditional industries.  The Tuareg's best travel companion, the camel, plays an important role in the festival. A unique opportunity to experience the Tuareg way of life and find out about the enigmatic Tuareg of the Sahara. The first Ghat festival was held on the 30th of December 1994.  

The committee in charge has announced that the Ghat festival will now take place in the month of November. The reason for the change was that a number of students participate in this cultural festival and that the old date coincides with their exams. 



an image of an article announcing ghat festival new dates