Access keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that provide quick access to most common pages without the need for a mouse.


Access Keys are activated by pressing simultaneously two or three keys, depending on browser:

Safari: Shift + Alt + the corresponding letter from the following table.

Firefox: Shift + Alt + the corresponding letter from the following table.

Internet Explorer: Alt + the corresponding letter from the following table, then hit the Enter key.


Temehu.com access key system

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Increasing The Size of Text

To change the size of the text on the screen, do one of the following:

Using Firefox: go to the View menu, select Text Size and then either Increase   by hitting the keyboard keys: Ctrl and + (Control & + sign), Decrease by hitting Ctrl and -   (Control & minus sign) or Normal size by hitting Ctrl and 0 (Control & - sign).

Using Apple Safari: click on View, the select either: Make Text Bigger, Make Text Normal Size, Make Text Smaller. Also you can click on the small letter A on the menu bar to make text smaller, or click on the bigger A to make it bigger.

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer: go to the View menu, select Text Size and then either Larger or Largest.

Using Opera: go to the Tools menu, select Preferences, click on the Web pages tab, select the normal font button, and then adjust the options in the dialogue box that appears.

If you are using a mouse with a wheel, then hold down the Control Key (bottom left corner of keyboard) and turn the mouse wheel towards you to make text larger (to bring it towards you), or push the mouse wheel forward to make the text go away from you and thus smaller.


Skip Navigation

Access Key is S. Skip navigation is provided for users with screen readers, so that the screen reader does not have to read the menu items in every page. It can skip the menus and go directly for the page's content. It is implemented by placing this line of code at the top of the document:



Browsealoud is a computer software that allows visitors to listen to web content rather than read it themselves, by moving the cursor over the text. Browsealoud is free to download from: browsealoud(dot)com.


PDF Documents

Accessible PDF files have their graphic elements stripped off and therefore are less efficient than plain HTML where graphics can have Alt tags to describe them. If you are having problems accessing PDF documents please visit Adobe website.



Pressing the specified access key gives focus to the Flash element. Pressing the Control key (Windows) with the Access Key selects the object in the browser. There is no flash content in https://www.temehu.com.