Libyan goddess from Cyrene museum

Welcome To Libya's First Online Museum

Established on 29/03/2009

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Libyan museums are hardly known outside Libya. They are rarely listed in or covered by any of the specialist publications and organisations, and despite the fact that Assaraya Alhamra Museum being one of the most valued museums in the world, largely for its unique collection of artifacts dating from the Stone Age to the present day, Libyan museums still remain in total darkness. To this day, not a single museum has a website.

statues from various museums in Libya

It is for these reasons that Temehu.com has decided to build Libya's first online museum, to allow people, students and researchers from all over the world a free access to this unique treasure. Any reviews, articles, photos or feedback will be greatly appreciated. Although Temehu's Online Museum is still in its early stages, we have plans to include detailed reviews and analysis of all the museums of Libya, a photo gallery about the whole country, organised by town, a video gallery, Libyan jewellery gallery, traditional crafts gallery, and prehistoric art galleries. We have also added a report about archaeological vandalism and robberies in Libya, and this can be accessed from the above menu (far right). All photos are copyright protected, and therefore copying or using these photos without prior permission or without crediting and linking to the source is not permitted. Please write to us for full details.

A List of Libyan Museums



Libyan Isis
Libyan Goddess Isis at Leptis Magna


Rock Art Galleries

Visit our Libyan Art Galleries for photos from various rock art shelters and caves, photos of Tuareg jewellery, crafts and traditional industries, the Muhuggiag mummy, and the Garamantian chariots.



Photo Galleries

Our Libya photo gallery, organised by region: please select from the "View" menu the site you would like to see photos from.



Opening Days

Every day except Friday. The holiday was changed from Monday to Friday (holy day), in line with everything else, effective from 01/01/2009. The decision was issued by the Archaeology Department.

Exceptions: Leptis Magna Museum continues to open on Fridays and close on Mondays. The reason for this was that originally all museums were open on Fridays to allow Libyan families a chance to visit the museums during the weekend, as they were unable to attend during the week.

Update: (September 2010):
According to a new recent law all museums in Libya now close on Mondays, just as they were before the above change.


Entrance Fees

a photo of sign outside Ghadames museum in Libya showin the entrance fees

This board shows the entrance fees, in Arabic.


Translation of the fees board:

For Libyans above ten years old: 3 LYD
For Libyans under ten years old: 1.5 LYD (1500 dirham)
Student Groups: 1.5 LYD
Non-Libyans: 6 LYD
Under ten years (non-Libyans): 3 LYD

Other Fees

Camera fees: 5 LYD; video camera: 10 LYD.


Guides are compulsory, and usually cost about 50 LYD. It is possible to hire a guide speaking a language of your choice, so long as it is a major language like English, French, Italian or German.


Cloakrooms are available in most major museums. Please leave your bag(s) in your hotel room or in your guide's vehicle if you do not wish to leave it in a cloakroom. If you decide to use a cloakroom, please make sure there are no valuable items in your bag. However, 'valuable items' and passports should not be left in cars or hotels either.