awiss sand dunes and rock formations inbetween

The name Awiss, which is also ocassionally written as Auis or Awis, refers to the entire northern region of Jebel Acacus. The southern region is called Tadrart Acacus, meaning "Jebel Akakus". The region encompases various vaelleys or wadis and sites of paintings and engravings of animals and human figures, some of which are thought to be among the most ancient images of human figures in the entire Sahara. The reason for this is probably the easy access afforded to this region from Awaynat and Germa, as opposed to the deeper, and more difficult to access, Tadrart Acacus.


a painting of a woman with both hands raised up, and holding a large object in her right hand

This is an interesting cave, in which a woman, painted in red lines and coloured white, appears to be  holding a large object in her right hand, which could be a sheild! Then we have a small and a strange creature sitting on a back of a stylised animal with very wide neck.


red and white camels

Paintings of camels in red and white.


a close up of an image of a camel



images of people and animals in red



a cow or a bull, in yellow and outlined in red

A rock painting in yellow and outlined in red.


yellow cow




abstract shapes in red and white



vandalised rock art site in Awiss

A vandalised rock art site from Awiss.