Ministry of Tourism

ministry of tourism building

Ministry of Tourism Headquarters, Tripoli, Libya.



Short History of The Libyan Ministry of Tourism

The ministry of tourism during Gaddafi's government was called: "The General Board for Tourism and Traditional Industries" (الهيئة العامة للسياحة والصناعات التقليدية).  The Committee for Tourism and Traditional Industries was established to oversee and regulate tourism in Libya. The Board had a poor website, with hardly any information about Libya (www.libyan-tourism.org). Its address was: AlJala Road, P.O. Box 82063 (and P.O. Box 71981), Tripoli, Libya; Tel: (+218) 21 3334673; (+218) 21 503 041; Fax: (+218) 21 4445336. 

On the 22nd of March 2012, nearly five months after Libya was declared liberated, the transitional government of prime minister el-Keib issued Decree 122/2012, which amended the name of "The General Board for Tourism and Traditional Industries" to the "Tourism Department" (مصلحة السياحة), and made this department part of The General Board for Tourism and Antiquities (الهيئة العامة للسياحة والآثار). Article (2) effects this decree from the date of its publication (22/03/2012).

law 122 of 2012 renaming the tourism board

To download a copy of Decree 122, please click here.



Three days later, on the 25th of March 2012, el-Keib's transitional government issued Decree 130/2012, stating that:

Article (1): organising "The General Board for Tourism and Antiquities", established by NTC's Decree number 178 of year 2011.

Article (2): The General Board for Tourism and Antiquities "enjoys its legal entity and independent financial liability", and is part of the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

Article (3): the headquarters of  The General Board for Tourism and Antiquities is in Tripoli, with the option to open other branches in other cities on request from the Prime Minister's Office.

Article (4): this article contains 13 points, covering the objectives and the duties of the board, including establishing a plan and strategies in the fields of tourism and antiquities; following-up the implementation of these plans; establishing programs and projects relating to tourism and antiquities; establishing social and economic studies to identify and remove obstacles; increasing public awareness of the importance of tourism as one of the national income sources; training local talents in relation to tourism services; activating "internal tourism" as well as "international tourism"; and suggesting plans to protect and develop tourism amenities and archaeological sites.

Article (11): subject to the General Board for Tourism and Antiquities are the following two departments:

  1. Antiquities Department
  2. Tourism Department

Article (13): this decision is effective from the date of its publication [25/03/2012], and all conflicting decisions are hereby cancelled. [Translation: by Temehu.com]

Although it might appear that the above two decrees speak of two departments for the same "organisation", the distinction is clear:- the General Board for Tourism and Traditional Industries is now called the "Tourism Department"; and  this department is part of the General Board for Tourism and Antiquities. Therefore the structure of the new organisation, based on the above decrees, is as follows:

structure of general board of tourism and antiquity




Where Does The Name "Ministry of Tourism" come from?

It is not known where the name "ministry of tourism" comes from. According to the new website of the tourism ministry, the ministry was established by decree 130 (of 2012) - the decree summarised above and can be read here: Decree 130/2012.

law 130/2012     ministry of tourism sign

But reading through the entire decree one fails to find any reference to the "ministry", only the name of "The General Board for Tourism and Antiquities", which is very similar to the name established by Gaddafi's government. The above image (on the left) is a snapshot of the actual title of decree 130. However, the above image on the right is taken from a photo of the current building of the ministry of tourism (as shown at the top of this page), which names the "Board" the "Ministry of Tourism".



Address & Contact Details

وزارة السياحة
طريق الشط
بجوار ميناء طرابلس البحري

Ministry of Tourism
Bab Albahr
Near Tripoli Seaport
Tel.: 021-3364621 (+218213364621)
Fax: 021-3364605 (+218213364605)
Website: www.tourism.gov.ly/



The Minister of Tourism: (Tripoli)

photo of libyan minister of tourism
Photo of  Minister of Tourism Ikram Bash Imam.
2012 - 2014
Source of photo: ministry's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/LIBYANTOURISM.LY)


Ikram Imam, the new minister of tourism


The transitional cabinet, proposed on the 30th of October 2012 by Dr. Ali Zidan, included two women: Ikram Imam, the minister of tourism, and Kamila Almazini, minister of social affairs. Temehu.com welcomes the appointment of a female minister to administer tourism in Libya. The only country in the world in 2012 where women form more than half of the parliament (lower or single House) is African Rwanda (57%), followed by Andorra (50%), and Cuba and Sweden (45%). Libya and the USA are far behind, nearly at the end of the table. The following is a short biography of Ikram Imam:


  • Full name: Ikram Abdussalam Bash Imam (وزير السياحة: اكرام عبدالسلام باش امام).
  • Age: 59.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Engineering, Tripoli University, 1975.
  • Worked as Head of Design and Manager of the Projects Department, which included hotels and residential blocks.
  • Worked at the Religious Affairs Board.
  • Worked at the General Board for Tourism.
  • Was a member of the committee that oversaw the establishment of Tourism Law Project.
  • Presented a study for establishing the founding structure of tourism projects.
  • Member of the committee entrusted to follow-up the general plan for tourism.
  • Contributed with design and management of Libya's wings at a number of international tourism exhibitions.

Deputy Minister of Tourism (وكيل وزارة السياحة )

  • Dr. Abdelsamia Amer Almahboub (الدكتور عبدالسميع عامر المحبوب)


website of the ministry of tourism
The front page of the ministry of tourism website (http://www.tourism.gov.ly/)

The website went offline a number of times before it disappeared. As of  October 2017 accessing the website requires a password.





Second Minister of Tourism (Tripoli):

second miniser of tourism Tripoli
Photo Source: facebook.com/LIBYANTOURISM.LY

Militia-appointed, Tripoli's Minister of Tourism: Mr. Almabrouk Muhamed Ali Attargi
وزير السياحة المبروك محمد علي التارقي



Third Minister of Tourism (Tripoli)

On the 18th of April 2017 the PC issued Decree 370 of 2017 in which they replaced Mr. Attargi with Mr. Malik

khayder basheer

Mr. Khayder Basheer Malik

Head of the General Board for Tourism
Note: the name of the Ministry of Tourism has been changed again to how it was during Gaddafi's government: the General Board for Tourism. Also note that all GNA ministers are operating illegally because none of the proposed GNA governments were approved by the HoR. 



The Legal Minister of Tourism: (Tobruk)

second miniser of tourism Tripoli
Photo Source: www.lananews.com

The Minister of Tourism appointed by the elected transitional government of Tobruk is Dr. Ahmed Abusqawa
رئيس الهيئة العامة للسياحة والاثار بالحكومة المؤقتة الدكتور أحمد بوسقاوة

Dr. Abusqawa has been asking the HoR's government to merge the antiquities department (الآثار) and the tourism board into one ministry, after the earlier separation of the two departments. The minister said the separation had obstructed the ministry's work which left the ministry almost empty:
أن الهيئة العامة للسياحة تعرضت إلى تفريغ من كامل محتوياتها حيث تم فصل الآثار عنها الأمر الذي سبب الكثير من الإرباك لعمل الهيئة




Decrees & Laws