Filming In Libya

Desert Scenes

The Libyan Sahara has more unique features and rich variety of desert landscapes than any other North African country, and as such Libya can provide some of the best locations for filming, especially science fiction movies, desert adventures and nature documentaries. Filming or producing TV documentaries and programs in Libya requires special permits from the authorities in Tripoli.

if you are thinking of shooting a movie in Libya, or just making a desert documentary, then please do not hesitate to contact us for any information you might need. We can contact the right authorities on your behalf, like the Department of Foreign Media; assist you with the visa; help you choose the right locations to suit your requirements; and take care of all the hotel arrangements, transportation, meals, translation, registration and guides. Once all the preliminary information is received, we will design a special itinerary for your project, which you can study, alter or modify according to your needs, and send it back to us for approval.


Our Services:

  • Assistance with visa and permits.
  • Interpretation in dealing with the various departments.
  • Registration of film equipment.
  • Hotel reservations.
  • Private transportation including desert vehicles.
  • Customised tours to suit your filming requirements.



Documents Required During The Old Procedure

  1. A letter from the production company stating that the group will be in Libya for filming purposes.
  2. A copy of the passports' bio-pages and their Arabic translation.
  3. A list of all the equipment to be brought into the country.
  4. A list of all the sites to be filmed. A fee must be paid to the government for each site to be filmed.

All these documents must be scanned and sent via email, and must be received by us at least two weeks before the intended date of arrival. Sending them three weeks before arrival would be ideal, to account for any delays. After all arrangements have been made, the filming crew will be accompanied by:

  1. The tour operator's guide.
  2. The tourist police.
  3. An officer from the security services.



The New Procedure

The new procedure is now described in our webpage covering "journalist visa". The process now must be initiated at the embassy, with stage two being completed in Libya. Please see temehu.com/journalistvisa.htm for more information.



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