Libya Visa Invitation Letter

Libyan law requires visitors to acquire a visa invitation letter from an approved Libyan tour operator, or a Libyan travel agent, or a Libyan company in order to obtain the visa. The normal procedure is to book your holiday or tour with your chosen Libyan tour operator in order for them to provide you with the invitation letter required for the Libya visa.  Some people think that Libyan tour operators will not give you a visa or an invitation letter unless you book an expensive holiday with them just to make more money. This is not true.

Libyan (old) law stated that only your Libyan-government-approved tour operator can provide you with a Libya visa, and that once you are inside the country a representative from that tour operator must accompany you during your tour. For groups of more than four tourists the law also requires the Tourism Police to accompany you. Both these requirements have been abolished by the transitional government after the 17th of February uprising in 2011.

This however does not mean that you must book a group-holiday or an expensive-tour in order to get the Libyan visa invitation letter. The tour operator is only required to provide you with a visa, and the rest is entirely up to you. The guide is now optional. You can camp or choose to sleep in a hotel you like, buy and eat your own food, and drive your own car. There is no restriction of freedom either, as once you decide what destinations you would like to visit you can go anywhere within those specified destinations.

2012 Update:

After the recent changes in Libya, it is no longer required to book a holiday in order to apply for the visa. The guide requirement has also become discretionary. This means that we can provide visa services without the need to take part in any of our  tours.


libyan visa approval

A copy of tourist visa approval


How can I obtain an invitation letter from temehu.com?

The easy way to obtain the Libyan visa: you do not have to have or see the "visa invitation letter" at all. All you have to do is send us the following details:

  • Full name and nationality.
  • Scan of passport's bio page.
  • Your profession.

The tour operator will then use the letter to apply for the appropriate visa required. Once the visa approval (or the "visa reference number") has been granted by the immigration department in Tripoli, we can either use the visa approval to obtain the Libyan Entry Visa on the day of your arrival (most of our visitors opt for this option), or send you a copy so that you can take it to the embassy to secure the actual visa stamp from the embassy. 

To find out more about the visa procedure, please see our tourist visa page.