Hostels in Libya


If you find cheap hotels in Libya still beyond your budget, then the cheapest accommodation you can get in Libya is hostels -- locally called: buyout ash-shabab ('youth homes'). The conditions and services of these youth hostels are very basic. We can arrange for you to stay in one of these places (if you tell us to), but please do not expect more than what you will get: a bed.

a photo of three beds from the youth hostel in cyrene
Cyrene Youth Hostel.


The Problems With Hostels

Some visitors who requested this service during their enquiries came to change their minds after arrival, saying the quality was not as expected. We think that for 10 LYD (about 5 Euros) one ought not consider quality as an option, but necessity.

Once, we had a visitor from the UK who requested from us to include hostels in the price. When his guide took him to the youth hostel in Ghadames he had a look and refused to stay. The guide then took him to a nearby local hotel and he refused it too. He ended up staying the night in the 4-star Dar Ghadames Hotel.

There is another problem with hostels: although  the following list shows they are available almost in all the major cities, in reality however most of them will be either closed, temporarily unavailable, the caretaker is not there (vanished), or fully booked, and therefore we strongly recommend to go for budget hotels instead - around €15 - €25 will secure you a reasonably good and clean accommodation for the night.



Opening Hours & Prices




Opening Hours

Main hostels are open throughout the year:
07:30 - 10:30
14:00 - 24:00


Hostel Prices

General Prices: a bed with shared bathroom costs between 7 to 20 LYD, usually around 10 Libyan Dinars, depending on hostel. Some youth hostels also provide cheap meals, for about 2 LYD.

: with international membership cards you would expect to pay around 5 LYD per a bed.

Maximum number of days to stay: 3 days. Do not expect to settle in a hostel!





Tripoli Hostels



Libyan Youth Hostel Association:
69 Amr Ibn Ala's Street (Amr Ben Al-Aas)
B.O.Box 10322
Tel: +218 21 4445171
Fax: +218 21 3330118
This office is located in Tripoli's youth hostel, near the Martyrs Square. For further information about any of the following hostels, please telephone the association.


Souq Et-Turk Hostel:
Souq Atturk
Old Medina
Ideal if you want to stay the night in the old medina itself.

Qasr (Gasar) Ben Gheshshir Hostel
Qasr Ben Gheshshir
You can take the bus or a shared or private taxi from the city centre, or go for a  walk through the 1st of September Street > pass the Hospital towards as-Sayidi Street.

Gargarish Hostel:
Address: off Gargarish Street, Tripoli, Libya.
About 5km south of the city centre. You can catch the bus or take a shared or private taxi.




Alphabetic List of Hostels in Libya


Ajdabia Hostel
Ajdabia (Ajdabiya), Libya.
Te: +218 64 624017


Al-Marj Hostel
Al-Marj, Libya.


Az-Zawya Hostel (100 beds), Jamal Abdennaser St., P,O. Box 90
Tel: +218 23 7629877; Fax: +218 23 7624019


Az-Zawya City, Libya.


Bani Walid Hostel
Bani Walid, Libya.


Benghazi Hostel (120 beds), Benghazi Sport City SW, Tel: +218 61 2234101 / 2290104
Benghazi, Libya.


Cyrene Hostel (Shahat) (120 beds), Tel: +218 844162102, Fax: +218 844162103
P.O. Box 6428, Cyrene, Libya.


Darna Hostel
Darna, Libya.


Fejeaj Youth Hostel (People's Housing Project)
Fejeaj, Fezzan, Libya.
Tel: +218 71 7652660


Gargarish Hostel
off Gargarish Street, Tripoli, Libya.


Ghadames Hostel
Ghadames, Libya.


Gharyan Hostel, Tel: +218 41 31491, Mob: +218 92 6443325
Gharyan, Libya.


Ghat Hostel, Mob: +218 92 628 1562
Ghat, Libya


Houn Hostel, Tel: +218 576 02040, Mob: +218 91 279 1952
P.O. Box 61245, Houn, Libya


Jamal Abdennaser Hostel
Sabha, Libya.


Khums Sport centre SW, Mob: +218 91 2107861
Khums, Libya.


Musratha Hostel (120 beds), Aljzerya, Tel:+218 51 642499 / 624419; Fax: +218 51 424435, Musratha, Libya.


Murzuq Hostel, Tel: +218 72562301
Murzuq City Centre, Libya.


Omm Al - Araneb Hostel
Omm Al-Araneb (East of Murzuq), Libya.


Sabha Hostel (120 beds), Tel: +218 55 2059, Mob: +218 92 5148642
Sabha, Libya.


Sabrata Hostel (100 beds), Tel: +218 24 2821; Fax: +218 23 29082
Sabrata, Libya.


Sirt Hostel; Tel: +218 54 5263042
Cost Road, Sirt, Libya.


Souq Et-Turk Hostel:
Souq Atturk, Old Medina, Tripoli, Libya.


Surman Hostel (45 beds & 8 flats), City Centre, Tel: +218 27362581
Surman, Libya.


Tarhunah Hostel
Tarhunah, Libya.


Tripoli Hostel (headquarters' office)
69 Amr Ibn Ala'ss Street, Tripoli, Libya.


Waddan Hostel
Waddan, Libya.


Yafrin (Yefren) Hostel, Tel: +218 421 62394
Yafrin City Centre, Libya.


Zentan Hostel
Zentan, Libya.


Zlitan Hostel
Zlitan, Libya.


Zwara Hostel
Zwara, Libya.