Introduction To Hotels, Hostels & Campsites In Libya

A Model of The Planned Zuwarah Tourist Beach Hotel


Hotels in Libya

There are not enough hotels to meet the growing demand, especially during the months between October and January, partly due to the sudden arrival of tourists from all over the world, after the recent changes in Libyan law regarding tourism, and due to the large number of tourists arriving in the winter to avoid the scorching heat of Libya's summer. However, new hotels and tourist resorts are being built and planned for the coming years (like the one pictured above). Although Libya is new to tourism it has the intention, the will and the resources to plan ahead. Management and expertise however are something else!


Hotel Classification in Libya:

The categorisation of Libyan hotels is a problematic issue that no one as yet can define. There are many confusing classification reports freely circulating the Internet regarding 5, 4 and 3 star hotels in Libya, most of which contradict each other. For example al-Kabir Hotel (Grand hotel) is classified as a 5-star hotel by some websites and by the local yellow pages; as a 4-star hotel by other websites; and as a 3-star hotel by the Libyan Directory of Tripoli International Fair. According to one Libyan list published by the General Board of Fairs, the total number of hotels is 268, with a total of 13,638 rooms. Out of these only 62 hotels are classified.


Hotel Prices in Libya

It is almost impossible to keep up with the constantly changing hotel prices in Libya and therefore we recommend confirming the latest prices directly with the hotel in question via the contact details provided. The contact details themselves change from time to time and therefore we will always attempt to publish the web address of the hotels that have a presence online. Many of these hotels do publish their prices online, especially the established ones, like Corinthia hotel. The newer and smaller hotels still have decades of work to catch up with the current international standards.

However, the governments has recently ordered the closure of dozens of hotels for health & safety reasons, and as a result many of the remaining hotels have changed their prices due to heavy demand. It is because of this reason that we have removed the prices of some the hotels in our galleries as they have become irrelevant and difficult to keep up with their never-ending change. If you have booked your tour through us then we will inform you of the current cost.

Actual prices for budget hotels start from 40 Libyan Dinars; 3-star hotels range from 80 to 150 Libyan Dinars for a double/twin room; while 4-star hotels start from 175 and can reach up to 375 Libyan Dinars for a double/twin room. 5-star hotels range from 575 to 750 Libyan Dinars. Hostel prices range from 10 to 20 Libyan Dinars per a bed.

The following hotel prices are taken from the decree issued by the Libyan  GPC, and therefore should be, but not necessarily have been, observed by all hotel owners in the country. This means that some of the prices you will be charged may, and often will, vary from those listed below.


Hotel prices in Libya as set by the GPC

1 Star Single 35 LYD €20
  Double 45 LYD €25
  Wing 55 LYD €30
2 Star Single 45 LYD €25
  Double 55 LYD €30
  Wing 70 LYD €40
3 Star Single 65 LYD €36
  Double 85 LYD €47
  Wing 100 LYD €56
4 Star Single 95 LYD €52
  Double 115 LYD €63
  Wing 145 LYD €80
5 Star Single 135 LYD €75
  Double 170 LYD €94
  Wing 215 LYD €120

Prices vary according to exchange rates.  (LYD = Libyan Dinar; € = Euro).


New Law regarding hotel prices in Libya

The Libyan Tourism Board has issued a new law which in effect cancels the above law, and is published in its website (the website is currently not available). The new law introduces new conditions, as follow:

  • It is against the law to charge more than the following prices and hotel owners will be penalised according to the regulations set by the "Price Watch" legislations (Article 4).

  • Breakfast must be included in the price (Article 1).

  • Hotels must display their list of prices clearly so that visitors can see it, in both Arabic language and another foreign language (Article 3).

  • The following prices are the maximum prices hotel owners can charge (Article 1):

The names of room types (in the grey boxes) read from top right to bottom right:

single room; double room; wing; excellent wing; private wing.


1 - Star 2 - Sats 3 - Stars 4 - Stars 5 - Stars Room Type
new hotel prices in Libya

To read the full text of the above law please see:
Law No. 7 regarding hotel prices in Libya


List of 5-Star Hotels

  • Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel, Tripoli
  • Alwaddan Hotel, Tripoli
  • Radisson Blu, Tripoli
  • JW. Marriott, Tripoli
  • Rixos Al Nasr, Tripoli
  • Zuwarah Resort, Zuwarah


List of 4-Star Hotels

  • Elkhan
  • Zumit
  • Dar Ghadames
  • Dar Tellil
  • Tripoli International
  • Awal
  • Blue Ship
  • Thobacts
  • Ouzu
  • Alburdi
  • Burj Almadina
  • Plasma
  • Tibesti
  • Al-Manara
  • Four Seasons
  • Asshajara
  • Bab Albahr
  • Oasis
  • Alnoran
  • Amal Africa
  • Diplomatic
  • Safwa
  • Alkendy Hotel
  • Alkabir (The Grand)



List of 3-Star Hotels: (includes 2- and 1-star hotels)

  • Addeyar, Tripoli
  • Adoha, Tripoli
  • Africa, Misrata
  • Aljawhara, Tripoli
  • Alanees, Tripoli
  • Albareed, Tripoli
  • Aldeawan, Ghadames
  • Al Fatah, Sabha
  • Alhadiqah, tripoli
  • Al Jabal, Sabha
  • Alkhabeer, Ben Jawwad
  • Alkhaleej, Tripoli
  • Almabrouk, Tripoli
  • Almadina, Khums
  • Almahary Sabha
  • Almahary Sirt
  • Almanar, Tripoli
  • Almaydan, tripoli
  • Almokhtar, tripoli
  • Al Nadi, Benghazi
  • Al Qala'a, Sabha
  • Alrehab, Tripoli
  • Althuraya, Tripoli
  • Amwaj, Tripoli
  • Andalus, Tripoli
  • Andulus Beach
  • Andulus Sidi
  • Arab World
  • Arayan, Tripoli
  • Arraha Inn, Benghazi
  • Arrasheed
  • Assafai, Tripoli
  • Atlas
  • Attawfeek
  • Bab Almadina
  • Bahr Alabyad
  • Bait Asharq, Tripoli
  • Beach Wings
  • Beach Hotel Aannex
  • Beirut
  • Ben Yedder, Ghadames
  • Carthage, Tobruk
  • Cleopatra
  • Dar Germa, Germa
  • Dar Gharyan
  • Dekna
  • Eljadid
  • Eurba
  • Fadeel Raslanuf
  • Fadeel
  • Ferdous
  • Fezzan Park
  • Four Seasons 2
  • Golden Beach, Tripoli
  • Granada
  • Green Field
  • Green Mountain
  • Haiti
  • Hani
  • Hospitality
  • Ibn Fernas
  • Intisar
  • Janzour
  • Jawda
  • Karama
  • Leptis
  • Libu Saraya
  • Loaloa
  • Maghrib
  • Mgaryef
  • Mamoun
  • Marhaba
  • Masira
  • Muntazah Cyrene
  • Nalut Tourist
  • Najma
  • Naser
  • Naher
  • Naqazah
  • North Africa
  • Nouzha
  • Okhwa, Tripoli
  • Olympic
  • Omar Alkhayyam
  • Qafilah
  • Qaser Albayda
  • Qaser Libya
  • Qasr Addiwan
  • Rabta
  • Sabratha
  • Sahary
  • Salam. S
  • Salam. M
  • Safeer, Khums
  • Saraya
  • Sea Gull
  • Sirte Complex
  • Severus, Leptis Magna
  • Shati
  • Sinbad
  • Siyahe
  • Tajoura Village
  • Teba
  • Tkerkiba Tourist
  • Tripoli Modern
  • Tunis
  • Unity
  • Usama
  • Youser
  • Waha
  • Welcome
  • Western Coast
  • Western Tripoli
  • Yefren Tourism
  • Zahrat Alkhaleej
  • Zliten



Hostels in Libya

Hostels in Libya are available in most major towns, with a few in the capital itself. Please click on the above link for a list of Hostels in Libya. With experience we have come to learn that several of our visitors who have chosen this service during their enquiries came to regret or change their minds after arrival, saying the quality was not as expected. We think that for 10 LYD (about 5 euros) one ought not consider quality as an option, let alone knowing that before hand!


Camping & Camping Sites in Libya

Camping in Libya is allowed and is free, except in designated camping sites where a small fee is payable for the services provided, like electricity and showers. Our guide to camping in Libya will provide you with all the basic information you might need, including a note about the allowed camping sites.